John Dalli: ‘Kessler ran away from the police’

Published: March 23, 2015 at 1:23am

Joseph Muscat John Dalli

Times of Malta carried a statement today in which John Dalli lashes out at Giovanni Kessler, in retaliation for an interview he gave to The Sunday Times, published this morning.

Dalli accuses Kessler of running away from Malta to escape the police after Dalli demanded that they interrogate and charge him for perjury during his deposition in the trial of Silvio Zammit.

As though this were not cracked enough, Dalli gets the date of Kessler’s departure wrong, which further undermines his nutty thesis.

The language he uses is all over the place, careless to the point of confusion. He refers to “my press release to the Police Commissioner”, for example, when he means his press release about a letter he sent to the Police Commissioner.

He lists a series of points and numbers them, inexplicably, 1, 2, 3, 1, 1, 2, 3. The final three points, you will see below, are not points at all.

There is something very wrong with John Dalli, properly wrong, and if you think about it, this may well have been the case from the start. It’s just that most people never noticed even when the symptoms were beginning to manifest themselves publicly, such as when he used to appear regularly on the Labour Party’s television station, while he was a European Commissioner, to rant and rave against the prime minister and the Gonzi government and to say that the government should buy a power station manufactured by one of his clients.

This would have been headline news anywhere else, but Malta has devolved into some kind of giant freak show where it is OK for European Commissioners to accept invitations from political parties to appear on their TV station and rave against heads of government, to have clients, and to try to sell to governments power stations made by one of those clients.


Quoted from

Mr Dalli said Mr Kessler’s refusal to appear before the Privileges Committee after being refused permission by the European Commission was ‘an excuse’ as Mr Kessler was fleeing Malta after his protest to the Commissioner of Police was published.

“The evidence is a follows:

“1. My press release to the(Police) Commissioner asking him to take action against Kessler was carried in the papers around 16:15
2. Kessler boards a plane to Italy at 17:45
3. The Speaker receives the letter of his non-attendance at 18:17
1. The letter informing the speaker that Kessler “was not allowed to attend” was a repeat of what he had said in July of last year
1. An excuse that was quickly put together.
2. An excuse not based on facts – as stated by the Speaker
3. In other words – an excuse.”

(Mr Kessler actually left Malta on the day after he was due to appear before the parliamentary committee.)