Owner of illegal Siggiewi zoo parties with Environment Minister one day before Planning Authority sanctions it

Published: October 5, 2017 at 2:55pm

Anton Rea Cutajar, who owns the illegal zoo L-Arka ta’ Noe in Siggiewi, was at a small and intimate celebration yesterday with the Environment Minister, Jose Herrera, at the Valletta restaurant Capo Crudo. The party was hosted by the restaurant’s director, Keith Seychell, to mark his birthday.

Other guests included Silvio Parnis, parliamentary secretary for local government and communities, businessman and former owner of Global Capital Chris Pace, who now owns an estate agency, and Ivan Portelli, a former policeman who was sacked from the force in 1999 for associating with suspected smugglers under investigation by the police (he continues to associate with one of them until today), and who was appointed Director of Operations at the VAT Department by the incoming Labour government in 2013. He has since been taken off those responsibilities and made Director/Administration at the Inland Revenue Department instead.

Today, at the time of publication of this post, the Planning Authority is in session to decide whether to sanction Mr Cutajar’s illegal zoo or not. UPDATE: The Planning Authority has decided to sanction the illegal development and zoo operation despite objections from NGOs.

Mr Cutajar, whose father Joseph is the mayor of Birzebbuga and was also a Labour Party candidate on the Fifth District in this year’s general election, has been expanding and operating his zoo with what appears to be complete immunity to the law, advertising its services – which include having your picture taken with big cat cubs – and socialising routinely with the Prime Minister, who he describes in Facebook posts as his greatest friend, with the Prime Minister’s wife, with the government’s head of communications Kurt Farrugia, and with Economy Minister and Labour Party deputy leader Chris Cardona.

Two years ago, I published this post. Not long after that, I rang Mr Cutajar to ask him to confirm or deny reports that I had received that the Prime Minister had been a guest at his illegal zoo premises, saying to him that the Prime Minister’s car had been noted parked outside by somebody walking their dog. Mr Cutajar denied it, becoming hostile and aggressive.

The Prime Minister is the cabinet member directly responsible for land-use planning and for the Planning Authority.

Shortly afterwards he rang back, apologised for his hostility, and thanked me for calling him to confirm before publication. He also referred back to my post in which I asked where he gets the money for his fast cars, extensive land and large number of big cats which cost a daily fortune to feed and maintain, given that he has no obvious source of income, no family money and is barely literate.

He explained that he makes his money through a highly lucrative business which breeds big cats like lions, leopards and tigers in captivity for export to the Gulf States, where they are prized as status symbols by sheikhs and other potentates.

This website was unable to ascertain whether this business is registered in Malta or not, and whether the cubs bred in Mr Cutajar’s illegal zoo in Siggiewi are among those exported to the Gulf as status symbols for sheikhs.

At Capo Crudo restaurant yesterday, celebrating owner Keith Seychell’s birthday: the Environment Minister and Mrs Jose Herrera (3rd and 4th from left), Keith Seychell, Parliamentary Secretary Silvio Parnis, businessman Chris Pace (5th, 6th and 7th from left), Anton Rea Cutajar (1st on right) and Ivan Portelli, former director of operations at the VAT Department and now director/administration at the Inland Revenue and his wife Samantha Portelli Warne (2nd and 3rd on right).

Anton Rea Cutajar with two rare white cubs of the sort which fetch a premium price in the Gulf.

Not even tiger cubs are safe from being pawed by the Minister for the Economy and deputy leader of the Labour Party.

Anton Rea Cutajar with his father, the Labour mayor of Birzebbuga, who was also a Labour Party candidate in the last general election.

Anton Rea Cutajar(third from left) with the government head of communications, Kurt Farrugia (second from left).

With Mrs Muscat, the Prime Minister’s wife, who Anton Rea Cutajar describes as “the Queen”.

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  1. Amadeo Lapira says:

    What a bunch of Panamian crooks. A real rogues’ gallery.

  2. Evarist Saliba says:

    Is this serious? How can the ordinary citizen believe that partisan politics are not involved in sanctioning illegal buildings etc. when politicians seem to accept to be surrounded, like bees to honey, by the perpetrators of these illegalities?

  3. Fred the Red says:

    Adrian Delia must be green with envy that he didn’t think of this lucrative business himself. Gulf sheiks are so much less messy than Soho prostitutes and brothel-keepers.

    Joseph Muscat might yet coax Anton Rea Cutajar to let Adrian in on the act in return for his long-lasting ‘positive’ attitude.

  4. pwg says:

    Hallihom haj gawdu, Daph. Dan il-lanzit kollhu. Mhux hekk ghazel il-poplu b’mod demokratiku? Xi tghid, Sur Delia?

  5. Angela Galea says:

    Am I the only one who does not believe that he is making all this money “through a highly lucrative business which breeds big cats like lions, leopards and tigers in captivity for export to the Gulf States, where they are prized as status symbols by sheikhs and other potentates”.

    Another natural born LIAR and a CROOK.

  6. rcamilleri says:

    And then the Planning Authority board refuses to give the go-ahead to Farsons’s application for a car park. Maybe Farsons should have just gone ahead anyway.

    But of course they are a galaxy apart when compared to the cowboys in Malta and would not do such a thing. But who gets what he wants? A cowboy.

  7. NoThanks says:

    He’ll soon have a legal new market in Malta from pimps and brothel owners.

  8. Is sixer says:

    What a nice dress. God bless you all. Pass me the bucket quick.

  9. Ramon Garcia says:

    Does Anton Rea shower and sleep wearing a cap?

  10. “Miz-zejt” he tells me. Ghax kullhadd li jahdem fuq ir-rigs ifur bil-flus.

    • Neil says:

      Sure, but it’s not the roughneck or derrickman type of job but much more profitable and it definitely dosen’t involve a 28-day 12-hour shift. The amount of tax-free fuel on this island beggars belief and the Sicilians want in on the action. It’s a jungle out on the Med at the moment with everything going across both ways.

  11. Reflections says:

    Oqghod studja! This guy is barely literate yet is a millionaire and is above the law. So besides going ahead without the necessary permits, even registration for his business cannot be confirmed? Sounds like more illegal messiness and convenient layering to me.

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