World Economic Forum index/Malta: public trust in politicians plummets 17 places in one year

Published: October 2, 2017 at 12:47pm

So public trust in politicians has plummeted in Malta, falling 17 places, in this year’s World Economic Forum competitiveness index, over last year’s. In the current index, published last week, Malta ranks at 74, down from 57.

Malta also fell 10 places, from 79 to 89, in the category assessing favouritism in decisions taken by government officials.

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  1. Stephen Forster says:

    I’m surprised only 17 places.

  2. Public trust plummeted? Of course, Adrian Delia was not on the political scene when that data was collated.

    But now with Adrian Delia leading the PN, public trust in politicians will increase to new heights, considering that Adrian Delia is criticising the government for not distributing the country’s wealth properly because people do not afford to buy their own home anymore. Mark my words.

    Naturally, one needs to forget that Adrian Delia is himself in the real estate business and is no mood to be selling his properties on the cheap.

  3. Les Bon Bons says:

    Is it any surprise with such a corrupt government ?

  4. quickmick408 says:

    I think that the advent of Delia arriving on the scene should drive it a lot lower next survey.

  5. Josette says:

    A couple of smaller scale incidents before you’re in government do not exactly augur well should you ever be in government.

  6. frank theuma says:

    Bravo! Yours is a very intelligent reply.

  7. Peritocracy says:

    I’m sorry. It seems I’ve misread your comment completely.

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