Well, the Kap tal-Kattolici u l-Latini certainly has a roving eye

Published: September 28, 2017 at 1:29am

A married man of almost 50, with five young children, ogling women almost half his age on Facebook and enthusiastically clicking ‘like’ on their provocative Berlusconi-Ruby-Rubacuori poses and reworked bosoms. This is Melanie Gregory, but he can’t decide whether he likes her secondary sexual characteristics best or those of Rebecca Dimech, an amateur starlet who hosted a show on the Labour Party’s television station.

Adrian Delia must have worn out his thumb and forefinger ‘liking’ the steaming hot poses of the latter one, particularly those where her wet bikini pants are fetchingly folded into the toast-rack between her bottom cheeks.

The first thing I noted – and many other women will too – is that the Kap tal-Kattolici u l-Latini is, like so many men of the sort women should avoid, hardwired into a particular physical type. I lost count of the number of people who messaged me thinking that the woman in the Simple Pleasures photograph here is Mrs Delia.

No, of course not, I said. It’s Miss Dimech. Why on earth would Mrs Delia pose like that, and in any case, Mrs Delia is 45 and flat-chested, so it’s obviously not her. It looks like he’s got the hots for pumped-up (literally) and much younger sexy-white-trash versions of his actual wife. And that really fits in with his view of women and their sole purpose in life.

And then again, it’s impossible to tell the difference between Melanie Gregory in a couple of these pictures and Rebecca Dimech. Both are the single mothers of one child of roughly the same age, and both have boyfriend who look remarkably alike, though one was in prison for a fairly long while for drug-dealing (Miss Dimech’s), and the other was not.

Whatever the Kap tal-Kattolici u l-Latini’s problem is, he had better seek help for it before it bites him in the backside. His wife clearly isn’t able to put her foot down, or maybe she thinks it isn’t a problem. But now that he is about to become the leader of the Opposition, it’s a problem whether she thinks it is or not.