Well, the Kap tal-Kattolici u l-Latini certainly has a roving eye

Published: September 28, 2017 at 1:29am

A married man of almost 50, with five young children, ogling women almost half his age on Facebook and enthusiastically clicking ‘like’ on their provocative Berlusconi-Ruby-Rubacuori poses and reworked bosoms. This is Melanie Gregory, but he can’t decide whether he likes her secondary sexual characteristics best or those of Rebecca Dimech, an amateur starlet who hosted a show on the Labour Party’s television station.

Adrian Delia must have worn out his thumb and forefinger ‘liking’ the steaming hot poses of the latter one, particularly those where her wet bikini pants are fetchingly folded into the toast-rack between her bottom cheeks.

The first thing I noted – and many other women will too – is that the Kap tal-Kattolici u l-Latini is, like so many men of the sort women should avoid, hardwired into a particular physical type. I lost count of the number of people who messaged me thinking that the woman in the Simple Pleasures photograph here is Mrs Delia.

No, of course not, I said. It’s Miss Dimech. Why on earth would Mrs Delia pose like that, and in any case, Mrs Delia is 45 and flat-chested, so it’s obviously not her. It looks like he’s got the hots for pumped-up (literally) and much younger sexy-white-trash versions of his actual wife. And that really fits in with his view of women and their sole purpose in life.

And then again, it’s impossible to tell the difference between Melanie Gregory in a couple of these pictures and Rebecca Dimech. Both are the single mothers of one child of roughly the same age, and both have boyfriend who look remarkably alike, though one was in prison for a fairly long while for drug-dealing (Miss Dimech’s), and the other was not.

Whatever the Kap tal-Kattolici u l-Latini’s problem is, he had better seek help for it before it bites him in the backside. His wife clearly isn’t able to put her foot down, or maybe she thinks it isn’t a problem. But now that he is about to become the leader of the Opposition, it’s a problem whether she thinks it is or not.

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  1. callixtus says:

    He might have problems concentrating in parliament then. One particular, pumped-up, younger, sexy white-trash MP may prove to be a distraction.

  2. Jozef says:

    His ideal type seems to be trans, not woman.

  3. Frances Mary says:

    Who wants to be in a partit whose Kap like such sleaze. No self respect.

  4. scotlandthebrave says:

    I look at them and think FKK Acapulco.

  5. Galeforce says:

    What an exemplary Latin Christian paterfamilias and future prime minister. Spending Sunday mornings ”with the boys” at some party club pub crawl, piling up debts that don’t get honoured, dodging the taxman, living off the proceeds of prostitution, interested in shagging sheep, and ogling provocative women young enough to be his daughter, in full public view on social media.

    • Manuel Camilleri says:

      And sheer hamallagni.

      Have you ever seen Dr. Eddie Fenech Adami,Dr. lawrence Gonzi, or Dr. Simon Busuttil enter behind the bar and make their own tea, coffee or pouring out to themselves a drink? Have ever seen these three gentlemen liking the post of younger girls or women on Facebook?

      Besides being a hamallu, baxx u ordinarju, Delia is also arrogant.

  6. I’ve noticed that all the news stations do the same and so do many people in conversation. They use the entire name throughout a conversation or report. It’s something about the failure to know that you only mention the full name first, and thereafter it’s Dr/Mr/Mrs followed by surname.

  7. Qabda ddisprati u pervertiti.

  8. Does this unit have a soul? says:

    Typical Maltese behaviour, becoming a total creep at the slightest hint of a pair of tits.

    Maybe we should call him Adrian Deleer.

  9. Josephine says:

    I believe she may have already gone down that route, though not the full Jessica Rabbit impersonation.

  10. Josephine says:

    Is-sider mimli bis-“silicone” m’humiex naturali, u l-anqas m’huwa l-botox fix-xuftejn.

  11. Sea Bastion says:

    At least someone finally acknowledges that the PN anthem has stupid lyrics.

  12. La Redoute says:

    Men who think that a woman’s place is in the kitchen or bedroom, tending to ir-ragel’s needs.

  13. Ivan Tabone says:

    If Rosianne Cutajar sits in front of him in Parliament, Delia will like everything the PM says.

  14. observer says:

    Un-fuckin’ believable. De Leer fits him to perfection.
    Kif ma jisthix jidher quddiem in-nies? Anzi, kif ma jisthix jidher quddiem martu w uliedu?
    Kattolici u Latini tassew, minn daqshekk

    • PNPL says:

      Kemm ghadkhom ma tafu xejn. Dan mhu jaghmel xejn hazin ghalissa. Kemm hu aktar gravi meta taqlibha lil mara ma’ wahda minn dawk li jibghatulek xi ritratt biex jaqbdu mieghek u jkissrulek familja, karriera u professjoni.

  15. john says:

    It is Rebecca and Melanie who appear to have erected him.

  16. Evarist Saliba says:

    Let those opinion-writers who support Adrian Delia as a valid leader of the Partit Nazzjonalista, and the right material for a prime minister, comment on this proclivity of their idol. To me, this is more like a teen-ager whose “mohhu ghadu fuq il-werqa”.

  17. Kamake says:

    Kap Kattoliku u Latin ihobb iz-zejziet foloz, srum mikxufin u xofftejn minfuhin. X’futur sabih.

  18. Stop and think says:

    Have you met him?

  19. Storm says:

    Typical narcissistic and manipulative idiot. It is OK for him to salivate and slobber over a pair of false tits, BUT the moment his poor wife speaks to a man for five minutes then all hell breaks loose when they get home.

  20. Stefan Balzan-Attard says:

    It’s the new ambassador to the United States in the making. Or maybe some director on a board.

  21. Victor Busuttil says:

    Ogling Ms. Gregory’s boobs in bed at 1am in the morning – with his back to a sleeping Mrs. Delia. Perfect gentleman, really.

  22. Storm says:

    He likes the enhancement, especially around the bosom. But the big question here is: will he allow his wife to inflate hers? Or will he thrash the room if she does, worried that some man will speak to her for five minutes?

  23. Call says:

    Can it be just another Adrian Delia? Or you have confirmed?

  24. I wasn’t referring to Miss Cutajar’s looks, but to her defiant personality. Men like Adrian Delia are prone to give a wide berth to the kind of women who are likely to give them a kick in the nuts – not so much because they value their nuts as because they like their women subjugated.

  25. I really cannot understand why people insist on calling him “Gorg” Borg Olivier. He was George or Giorgio. I suppose it’s because they heard his friends and associates calling him ‘Giorg’ (as my friends, for instance, call me ‘Daph’) and assumed it was the Maltese form of the name.

  26. Yes, in fact she looks nothing like that in real life.

  27. Joe Fenech says:

    Is she a hooker?

    • WTF says:

      This is not about her. She is young, beautiful and can pose for as many photographs as she wants in whatever she wants to wear.

      If she wants to share her photos it’s up to her too.

      This is all about HIM and how he should not behave like that, as a married man with five children, at his age, and in his position, and then expect not to be judged for it.

      Everything we do in life portrays our character in a way no amount of words can.

  28. Carrie says:

    Clearly you don’t have a mirror at home. What s wrong with you people?

  29. rita schembri says:

    I am not sure if a ‘facepalm’ is sufficient so I am going with a ‘Fuck off, you ignorant twat’ instead. Sorry about that, Daphne. It had to be said.

  30. rita schembri says:

    Darlene does Dallas, more like.

  31. Nicky says:

    Make “like”? “Creatures”? What on earth are you saying?

  32. Melissa says:

    The head is all wrong, like it was elongated. Reminds me of a sci-fi movie where aliens have morphed into humans to camouflage themselves, and this one is about to morph back.

  33. Stephen Forster says:

    Supposed to be a parody but probably closer to real life.

  34. Chris says:

    One word: never!

  35. Li jgħid Delia, ħożżu fl-ilma. Jgħidu li xi gidba ‘l hawn u ‘l hemm tistenniha mill-politiċi. Dan lil Konrad Mizzi diġa qed jikkompetilu u għadu lanqas rifes fil-parlament.

    Emmen jekk trid:


    Fil-25 ta’ Ġunju qalilna li ġietu (is-sejħa). Li ma qalilniex hu li l-isem tal-website kien irreġistrah fis-16 ta’ Mejju, dsatax il-ġuranata qabel l-elezzjoni. Ibqa’ ċerta li kien ilu x-xhur jikkonfoffa biex jikkapparra l-partit. Kollox jindika li hekk sar. Franco Debono għal darba għamel argument kredibbli u konsistenti f’dan is-sens.

  36. Evarist Saliba says:

    The Nationalist Party will be walking into its doom with its collective eye wide open unless it rectifies its mistake of choosing Adrian Delia as its leader.

    The least it can do, straight away, is to reject his efforts to deny anyone in the party whom he does not favour from seeking election to offices that he intends to keep for those who fawn on him.

    He has no idea of what true democracy is. For him it is only a tool that he abuses to obtain, and maintain, power.

  37. Peritocracy says:

    What I said is that there is nothing wrong with fancying trans-women (who, incidentally, are actually women like any other, and not ‘not woman’). But of course, Kattolici and Latini find it hard to see that.

    What you call Delia’s deep hatred of women is another matter.

  38. Reflections says:

    It’s taken from one of Daphne’s articles, where she quoted his own Facebook comment – might just be boasting but nevertheless bullying style and inappropriate.

    I also find it incompatible and contradictory behaviour – when Delia does not allow his wife to talk to others while he clicks facebook likes when it comes to other attractive women.

  39. Antoine Vella says:

    The title of this blog entry refers to a phrase that Delia uttered, not to the party anthem directly.

    Like all anthems, the words of the PN one reflect the socio-political context of the day and, with the passing of them, become outdated but are not, for this reason, changed. It’s the same with our national anthem and that of many other countries.

    The reference to Latini is a metaphorical way of saying Italian, just as the Latin of Latin America means Spanish. Nothing to do with the ancient Romans.

    The “oppression of the enemies” refers to the British Empire and the emphasis on Catholicism is also to distinguish the Maltese of those times from the Protestant British.

    All in all, the lyrics are a piece of pro-Italian, jingoistic sentiments but they are just a relic – like all national anthems – and haven’t stopped the PN from evolving into a modern democratic party, outward-looking and European in character.

  40. Cato says:

    The PN’s new motto should be “Religio et Zejza”

  41. Reader says:

    How dare he ask a contestant for deputy leadership to withdraw? Who on earth does this Delia think he is?

  42. Galeforce says:

    Jipprezentaw il -programmi politici l’aktar segwiti fuq ir Radio tal-Partit, bdew jitfu il klikka tal Delia. Oht “Good Shepherd ” Frank Portelli, Evelyn Vella Brincat ha tibda tipprezenta il programm ta’ wara l’ahbarijiet ta’ nofs inhar. EVB hi maghrufa ghal programmi ful l animal welfare li tipprezenta fuq stazzjon iehor tar-radju. Fil-frattemp, il-lejla fil-hamsa ta’ wara nofs inhar fuq il 101guest speakers kienu Clyde Puli u Vella Brincat jelogjaw lil DeLeer.

  43. Francis Saliba MD says:

    “Like myself, Muscat was new to politics when he was elected leader of Labour and since then he has done a lot to both his party and the country.” (Dr Adrian Delia)

    The Nationalist Party does not need a leader who does a lot “TO” both his party and to his country” when Dr Delia has not even earned his seat in parliament. What Malta and what the Nationalist Party party really need at the moment are political party leaders who do a lot “FOR” party and country, not “TO” them. That is the bitter lesson of our last four years.

  44. Guza Farrugia says:

    Il-Partit Nazzjonalista huwa mahtuf minn klikka ta’ nies minghajr skrupli u mohh. Ghadhom ma jafux kemm irridu jibku iktar milli bkew fl-elezzjoni li ghaddiet. Adrian Delia jkun telaq u ma jkun fadal xejn. Naf x’ qed nghid.

    • Angela Galea says:

      Jien nemmen li l-PN mahtuf minn klikka primarjament Laburista. Niddubita kemm bkew fl-ahhar elezzjoni. Jien ucuh kollha dahkana rajt, ibda mill-koppja Debono u spicca f’hafna ohrajn. Ftit ferm kienu dawk li genwinament iddispjacihom, ewlieni fosthom Dr Busuttil.

      Evidentament tista’ tghid li f’Malta kwazi kulhadd ghandu prezz u prezz bid-discount. B’bicca microwave tixtrih Malti. Kaz klassiku ta’ nies mejtin bil-guh.

  45. Tabatha_White says:

    Talk about the lower class exploiting the upper class. This reign of hamalli that began with Mintoff. This is just a variation. I’ll bet his wife realised this ages ago.

  46. His wife should try doing what he does, and smash up the house. But then it might be ‘no more funds’.

  47. Must be a family voice, then.

  48. Melanie Gregory has no problems with it. She’s actually a hilariously good actress – sending up this particular role, at least: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iMIe-dLhI8

  49. I can’t see why being Catholic and Latin are “good things”. They are neither here nor there, like a blue table or a pink one.

  50. Suddenly found herself in the limelight? Some people need to keep up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iMIe-dLhI8

  51. Chalie15 says:

    Lanqas tnejn, ghax jekk imur aghar minn ta’ qablu f’tal-Ewropa, tghid mhux se jhalluh jibqa jmexxi?

    Imbaghad vera idahhalhom gol-.

  52. Chalie15 says:

    “Dak mhux perv, dak jien!”

  53. Reflections says:

    Half of the members didn’t. It was a joint effort with a number of councillors as well as the commission that allowed it to occur, rather than not accepting candidature or halting the process because of valid reasons.

  54. Francis Saliba MD says:

    I am not a quitter. I have no intention of supporting iniquity just because it appeals to a majority who bet their money on a transient amoral/immoral team that appears to be a winner in the short term.

  55. Francis Saliba MD says:

    If people choose not to listen that does not prevent me from appealing for basic morality from PEPs. Had Christ’s disciples thrown in the towel when the fickle mob crucified Christ and set free Barabbas instead, Christianity would not be where it is today, a world wide institution and still.spreading.

    I believe that it is never too late to promote moral values and genuine democracy by governments.

    I have lived to see immoral powerful tyrants with feet of clay disappear within two decades whereas a short time before they had been idolised in mass rallies.

    • “If people choose not to listen that does not prevent me from appealing for basic morality from PEPs.

      I believe that it is never too late to promote moral values and genuine democracy by governments.”

      We are all doing that, Dr Saliba, and we don’t see the need to support Delia’s PN to do exactly that. Are you saying that you’re not a PN supporter?

      Please leave religion out of politics. It’s suffocating the discussion.

  56. “Catholic” I can see why. But why Latin?

  57. Francis Saliba MD says:

    I propose not to return my Nationalist Party life membership card just now. I had taken life membership in the glorious time of Dr Eddie Fenech Adami.

    I would have the right to express my internal democratic dissent from any upstart new leader who would not remain faithful to the party’s traditional loyalty to the Republic’s official religion and to the nation as a whole.

    That way I would be supporting the party but not the shenanigans of any par venu leader dropping out of the blue to split the party.

  58. Galeforce says:

    Can’t agree with you more. Hope they will repeat her programs at night. A heck of a lot more soporific then a Mickey Finn anyday.

  59. Francis Saliba MD says:

    When you impose on me the condition that I keep religion out of any political discussion you would be unreasonably expecting me to have my hands tied behind my back. Under such a condition a discussion would be futile.

  60. Francis Saliba MD says:

    On the other hand I was never under the wrong impression that you were ever a “respectable person when it came to religion”. I gave you rope enough to hang yourself which you obviously did by the shameless insolence and vulgarity of this your latest comment.

    I do not need your “bene placito” as regards my relation to God and my prayers to him (including prayers for the conversion of sinners).

    • Touchy when on the receiving end of “shameless insolence” but big when on the transmitting end. What a shameless hypocrite.

      Some insist that Elvis is still alive. Some insist that they believe in fairies. Some insist that they can speak to the dead. Some insist that they’ve been abducted by aliens. All these have one thing in common: their grasp on reality is – to put it mildly – confused. They need to be treated sensitively, and at times even referred to psychiatric treatment.

      But having a relationship with a magical man in the sky and praying to him in all seriousness fully believing that those prayers will somehow sway this man to change his storybook for the entire universe just because the ones praying believe themselves to be special in this man’s eyes is to be treated with the utmost reverence and respect.

      Wake up. There’s no proof whatsoever that any god exists. And there’s absolute, falsifiable, undeniable proof that prayers to your god or any other have absolutely no effect whatsoever other than making the people praying feel good about themselves for having the gift of being able to get in touch with the magical man in the sky and for being so altruistic in praying to get the magical man in the sky make the sane join in the insane orgy.

      • Francis Saliba MD says:

        No one, including you, was ever at the receiving end of insolence from me.

        I only exposed your hypocritical pretence that you had any real interest in a defence of God and the state religion.

        You reacted as anticipated by frustration, insults and disrespect towards the deity. That is how you demonstrate that you are incapable of civil discussion.

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