The leader of the Nationalist Party and Miss Rebecca Dimech

Published: September 30, 2017 at 7:58pm

While “the simple Maltese” – as the leader of the Nationalist Party puts it, have simple pleasures like going to the village square to tinker with birds and cars, he prefers to tinker with his birds on Facebook, and occasionally in person, as the topmost picture here shows. Adrian Delia is clearly keener on Miss Rebecca Dimech than he is on Miss Melanie Gregory.

Note the way the Kap tal-Kattolicini u l-Latini holds Rebecca Dimech in this picture, with his arm around her and his hand covering hers. Mrs Delia is second on the right.

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  1. observer says:

    Actually some of the birds admired by DeLeer have also the simple pleasures that the simple Maltese have – like tinkering with cars, as well as their drivers it seems. Hallina, DeLeer, mur inheba x’imkien il-boghod u tersaqx iktar lejn Malta.

  2. Sycamore says:

    Glad that you have finally put up a positive post after all that negativity.

  3. Manuel Camilleri says:

    What a revolting man. When his wife surrendered to him her general power of attorney, which he is still using 11 years later, did she also surrender her dignity? She should run while she still has time.

  4. callixtus says:

    Ogling semi-nude, surgically-enhanced tarts must be the Latin half coming through I suppose, while his swearing accounts for the Catholic half.

  5. Jean Moulin says:

    Ghamilt sew li spiccali l-interess fil-Partit Nazzjonalista. Aktar ma nara fuq Delia u min itaptaplu fuq dahru aktar nikkonvinci ruhi li dan li gie minn wara l-muntanji hu bniedem cheap u ma jisthoqqx l-istima u support ta’ Nazzjonalist wiehed.

    Ahjar imur imexxi merhla moghoz u bdabat bla principju. David Agius issa hudlu l-frosta ha jikkummiedja ma Rebecca. Puli int missek tibnilu fejn inehhi x-xaham il White Rocks. Qatta opportunisti biex tahslu dnubietkom u l-falliment f’hajjitkom.

  6. leon 1 says:

    The leader of the Nationalist Party has more expertise in women than he does in politics.

  7. Henry S Pace says:

    Delia’s wife deserves something better. RESPECT.

    • Osservatore says:

      You clearly don’t know their story. Why do you think that a woman like her would ever end up married to a man like him?

      There is the bleeding obvious fact that they hail from totally different social classes, which means that she finally settled for someone beneath her. Which either makes him a catch (not), or her, damaged goods.

      Or this was a case of once-upon-a-time fairy tale love where the princess, with her head in the clouds, kissed and married a toad.

      And if she does not like his lecherous behaviour, she could always get from this arrangement – except that a) he quite clearly holds the purse strings, and b) she still hopes that the toad may become a prince…or at least prime minister.

  8. GustavMahler123 says:

    It is unacceptable that, after this site has published a multitude of articles, I still find people of a ‘substantial intellect’ who support the notion of Delia as the leader of the Nationalist Party.

    Our education system has failed in a devastating manner which has left our country in shambles, so it is time for people to start educating themselves and for this blog to increase its outreach, yet in the current state we are in it seems like none of the foregoing will happen.

    However, one can no longer excuse oneself of not being an active citizen by saying that one does not have the time to read anything related to current affairs. It has now become more than clear that a democracy without active citizenship is not a democracy at all.

    Also, Rebecca is a good looking woman; she should be the one announcing the news on NET TV every evening, which would be a plus for the Delia leadership. Haha.

    • Blackarrow says:

      Good looking woman ? You must be joking or else have extremely poor taste just like Delia.

      • Tabatha_White says:

        It’s a class thing that becomes more and more evident with the nature and social sphere of Facebook related posts.

        David Thake has succumbed to it, despite his intelligence.

  9. Sea Bastion says:

    Jesus Christ, Daphne. We get it. No need to spam the entire post with pictures of this thot.

  10. strakarpet says:

    Is it just me, or are these girls really ugly? Are people incapable of seeing through the makeup and the photoshop? I know it is beside the point and that, yes, Deliar is creepy.

    The Nationalist Party is going to get a real wallopping at the next elections: April 2019.

    • callixtus says:

      In all likelihood, Muscat and Delia will try to stich up those elections between them. Delia doesn’t want to lose by a large margin, and Muscat will do anything to keep the PN from overthrowing his idea of a convenient leader of the Opposition.

  11. Reuben Baldacchino says:

    Ezatt bhal Eddie Fenech Adami.

    • Angela Galea says:

      Kif nghidu bil-Malti – fula maqsuma.

      U min tkellem fuq karizma. Dan mahmug u pervers ghalija u mela karizmatiku.

  12. Winston Psaila says:

    So when do we get to see him with the Desert Princess or whatever else she was called?

  13. Not because he cares, but because his wife is his property. And you don’t touch another man’s property without his permission.

    • Spa says:

      L-ironija ghax malli l-mara tieghu ikkumentat u qalet li missu jsejjah lil Franco Debono lura, ghax hu ma qabilx, misterjozament, il-Facebook page taghha tnehha.

  14. Helen says:

    Chris Cardona and Luciano Busuttil seem quite tame compared to Deleer.

  15. Chalie15 says:

    I always thought that his eventual downfall will either be caused by his political inexperience or his massive debts. Now I’m starting to think that there’s a third possibility because, let’s be frank, several Maltese women are attracted by power or perceived power so the temptations are bound to increase.

  16. Franġiska says:

    U min jaf x’tagħmel? Għal wiċċ in-nies kollox tagħmel. Tinsewx li hi 99.9% lanqas għandha ewro fuq xiex taħlef u tiddependi minnu ( avolja hu ħlief dejn m’għandux) għal kollox għax anke l-prokura tatu. Inkella kif se tiekol u tilbes. u dawk t-tfal, x’jagħmlu tibgħathom f’xi istitut? Ma tarax avukat ta’ klassi bħal dak.

  17. Franġiska says:

    Hekk qed ngħid. Ma tantx tilbes eleganti, aktar vulgari.

  18. Franġiska says:

    Min jaf? Ta’ bilfors. Għax ma tistax tagħmel ieħor. Tgħid għalhekk kellu ħamest itfal?

    • A Attard says:

      Le …. l-imgieba taghha mhix ta’ persuna li qeghda fiz-zwieg ta’ bilfors.

      • Tabatha_White says:

        Look at her properly: her body language is all rigid.

        A possessive husband will pin his wife down in more than one way. Five children and her power of attorney in her husband’s hands over many years plus her joint share of debt is bound to be so attractive to a potential future prospective suitor, should she ever decide to become assertive and call it a day.

  19. Jozef says:

    Fast and furious according to Malta’s online men’s magazine. You know how it is with men nowadays, hair products, skin care, the ultimate torch, scowling blow-up dolls…

    This place is so bloody boring.

  20. Spa says:

    Timmagina l-Dr Lawrence Gonzi jgib ruhu hekk?

    • Josephine cachia says:

      U lanqas lil Joseph ma nimmaginah hekk ukoll. Lil Cardona iva.

      • Tabatha_White says:

        Muscat’s input has been curated and mentored from the start of the internet.

        The half-handful of gay pose photos that made their way online were relatively safe, given the climate and objectives.

    • Mario Camilleri says:

      Indeed your comment speaks volumes on the sorry state that we are in.

  21. Spa says:

    U konna nitkazaw b’Jimmy Magro ghax kien jishon ghal kull mara li jara facebook.

  22. Spa says:

    Muscat jaf li biex jirbah lil Delia, kulma jrid jaghmel hu jurih mara nofsa gharwiena u jhawdu.

  23. WTF says:

    You might as well imagine it, because it’s never going to be reality. Maltese might be dumb, but not that dumb.

    • Le pauvre homme says:

      The vast majority ARE that dumb, WTF. My purely unscientific guess would be about 80% of people South of Marsa and about 40% of people from up North. Gozo is different: none of them are dumb, many of them are abjectly dishonest.

      • Jozef says:

        Straight out of Simon Mercieca’s lexicon.
        Hillary Clinton couldn’t put it better and if I were Delia I’d know exactly what to do.

        If you’re the AB.

  24. Jozef says:

    I’m looking at the names below her posts, who are these people?

  25. I wish people would stop saying ‘glorious’. It’s a political party, for heaven’s sake.

  26. Jozef says:

    Yes. Time to out the architects.

  27. Antoine Vella says:

    Apart from other considerations, this is another example of a middle-aged person forgetting that anything he writes on Facebook is immediately visible to a lot of people and, eventually, to everybody.

  28. Observer Melitensis says:

    Quite honestly all I see here is a lot of pics from a photo shoot. Just because he did a few ‘likes’ for what seems to be a family friend doesn’t really mean much.

    • Note to readers: This is a Disqus account set up specifically to defend Adrian Delia with a ‘rational’ tone of voice. This person posts on no other subject and also posts under the name Evaristsammut, another Disqus account with the same IP address, set up specifically for ‘rational’ defence of Delia.

    • David Thake says:

      I would “like” these if they were my daughter but NEVER if they were anyone else.

      Why? Because liking a photo like this leads to unfortunate conclusions. It shows a weakness and an inability to keep it under control.

      • Hmmm. I would certainly not Like them if they were my daughter. I would be on the phone in two seconds flat with a right royal rollicking, and then I would spent the next year awake wondering where I went wrong. But I don’t have a daughter, and straight men – which is what I have instead – really aren’t prone to doing that kind of thing. So luckily for me, I don’t get the choice.

  29. Don’t be ridiculous. Adrian Delia is almost my age. I have sons, not ‘family friends’, who are the same age as Miss Dimech. And while I obviously know very many people that age precisely for that reason, I consider them to be my sons’ friends and not ‘family friends’.

    It is completely inappropriate for a man of 50 to have a ‘family friend’ who is a woman a generation his junior, and to make personal remarks of that nature. When I was Miss Dimech’s age, and men Adrian Delia’s age made those kind of overtures, I regarded them as dirty old men, with the emphasis on old.

  30. Tabatha_White says:

    Oh I definitely agree. I’d put anyone coming in after Richard Cachia Caruana eased away from Malta under a microscope, in fact.

  31. Steve says:

    Second point: that’s what I have been suspecting all along.

  32. Steve says:

    Ezatt. Doesn’t Ms Dimech have anything better to do other than posing in soft-porn style and taking tons of selfies? I mean, she’s supposed to have a child too if I’m not mistaken, how does she manage?

  33. pronoia says:

    If that was the case she wouldn’t have been standing by him. She would have left already.

    • Tabatha_White says:

      You seem to be out of touch with the reactions and behaviour of abused women.

      “If” is entirely your addition.

  34. D. K. Mifsud says:

    That is subjective … I personally do not find anything that screams “stupid” attractive.

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