Watch video on and DIE: “Meny of dem dey come wit der spouZZZZisss” – head of CHOGM organising committee

Published: March 8, 2015 at 10:46am

It’s not only the terrible accent and really poor English (though in that position, both are unforgivable and that alone makes her unfit for this particular purpose), but the fact that this woman hasn’t a clue what she is doing and doesn’t know what she is talking about.

And before anyone jumps in and says that the way she speaks is not her fault – of course, it is. If Labour Party women Marlene Seychell and Ramona Frendo, both of whom were born and raised in the equivalent of the gutter, can practise and practise until they’ve learned how to fake it, then so can she.

But again, that goes with the arrogance: no need to make an effort because speaking properly isn’t necessary.

After watching this excruciating video, read the roll-around-with-painful-laughter interview in the print edition of The Sunday Times (I’ve uploaded a PDF in the post just before this one).

And when you’ve stopped laughing, remember that many thousands of people from all over the Commonwealth are arriving in Malta in October and this clueless but arrogant woman is in charge of the arrangements because she gives supper to Joseph Muscat at her home, treats him like her own personal project, travels together with his family and her own, and takes the Spouse of the Prime Minister and the Imperial Twins out on her ‘boat’ in the summer.

And when the boat comes in to its Mellieha moorings, there is no Labour Party television crew waiting on the jetty to create a scandal. That said, there isn’t even a Nationalist Party television crew or any journalist from the non-party media. But there should be.

phyllis Muscat interview video