Exclusive: this is a corrupt police inspector’s €1 million house near San Anton Palace

Published: June 28, 2015 at 7:26pm

Over the last few days I received several tip-offs that corrupt police inspector Daniel Zammit had bought a villa in Attard.

Zammit, who has since been pensioned off from the force on what are reported to be ‘psychiatric grounds’ (a psychiatric condition which didn’t prevent him being put on the payroll at Enemalta at €60,000 a year) is in business with the Gaffarenas and with a shady Sicilian who owns an ‘internet gaming company’.

His corrupt father, Ray Zammit, is similarly involved, but was appointed acting Commissioner of Police by Police Minister Manuel Mallia. He was persuaded out of the force in May and given charge of a still-nonexistent organisation which is supposed to prevent wardens committing abuse.

Then more information came in which specified that the house is near San Anton Palace. Good, but still not good enough. Then a couple of messages came through saying specifically that the house is in Lord Strickland Street, which is the one-way street that runs hard by the palace wall and ends near the palace sentry and gate to the palace drive.

Just as I was about to leave the house and drive over to walk up and down the street trying to work out which one it is, a screen shot from Google Earth came in, clearly marking the house.

So a couple of hours ago I went there with my camera and took some pictures to show you (see below), and while I was walking around outside examining the spanking new, pristine building with a pool at the back visible from the street, and a large garage for fancy cars loaned from Mafiosi, somebody who lives in the area pulled up in his car and said: “Are you looking for somebody?”

“I’m looking to find out who owns this house.”

“Oh now I recognise you. It belongs to somebody called Zammit. U dal-ahhar qabez fil-pool.” And he winked, a reference to the internet video doing the rounds right now in which Daniel Zammit is seen doing the ice bucket challenge near a backyard swimming-pool.

“Did he buy it recently?”

“Insomma. He’s been here a while now.”

And to think that Ray Ferris at Enemalta was put through public hell and a criminal prosecution over a few pieces of crystal, and the media and the Labour Party went cuckoo over a clock in the last general election campaign.

Meanwhile, these corrupt Labour police officers and favourites of their cousin the erstwhile Labour Police Minister Manuel Mallia were raking it in and buying million-euro houses next door to the president’s palace – all the proceeds of crime and corruption.

But they probably know so much – especially about Manuel Mallia – that I can’t see them going down any time soon. There will be more corruption, ongoing corruption, to keep them from being investigated and prosecuted, in case they squeal about what they know.

And so they will get to keep the proceeds of their crime and corruption, and corrupt police inspector Daniel Zammit will get to keep this house. The address is South Lodge, 6 Lord Strickland Street, Attard.

Daniel Zammit house 1

Daniel Zammit house 2

Daniel Zammit house 3

Daniel Zammit house 4

Daniel Zammit house 5

Daniel Zammit house 6

Daniel Zammit house 7