Where does all the money come from?

Published: June 18, 2015 at 10:14pm

Here’s another one with a private zoo full of big cats and all kinds of other creatures, on an estate that used to be a cow farm near Siggiewi, with a large house and one or two Aston Martins (it’s hard to tell), a few guns and a girlfriend. I don’t know what he does for a living but Anton Rea Cutajar – see him below – is barely literate and the daily food, care and maintenance overheads for that set-up are enormous.

And we haven’t even begun talking permits here.

His father is Joseph Cutajar, Labour deputy mayor of Birzebbuga.

Joe Cutajar, Labour deputy mayor of Birzebbuga, with the prime minister and Mrs Muscat. His son Anton Rea Cutajar is the owner of the large private zoo, estate and Aston Martin shown below.

Joe Cutajar, Labour deputy mayor of Birzebbuga, with the prime minister and Mrs Muscat. His son Anton Rea Cutajar is the owner of the large private zoo, estate and Aston Martin shown below.

anton rea cutajar joe cutajar 1

anton rea cutajar joe cutajar

Anton Rea Cutajar 1

anton rea cutajar 2

anton rea cutajar 3

anton rea cutajar 4

anton rea cutajar 5

anton rea cutajar 6

anton rea cutajar 7

anton rea cutajar 8

anton rea cutajar 9

anton rea cutajar 10

anton rea cutajar 11

anton rea cutajar 12

anton rea cutajar 13

anton rea cutajar 14

anton rea cutajar 15

anton rea cutajar 16

anton rea cutajar 17

anton rea cutajar 18

anton rea cutajar 19

anton rea cutajar 20

anton rea cutajar 21

anton rea cutajar 22

anton rea cutajar 23

anton rea cutajar 24

anton rea cutajar 25

anton rea cutajar 26

anton rea cutajar 27

anton rea cutajar 28

anton rea cutajar 29

anton rea cutajar 30

anton rea cutajar 31

anton rea cutajar 32

anton rea cutajar 33

anton rea cutajar 34

anton rea cutajar 35

anton rea cutajar 36

anton rea cutajar 38

anton rea cutajar 39

anton rea cutajar 40

anton rea cutajar 41

anton rea cutajar 42

anton rea cutajar 43

anton rea cutajar 44

anton rea cutajar 45

anton rea cutajar 46

anton rea cutajar 47

anton rea cutajar 48

anton rea cutajar 49

anton rea cutajar 50

anton rea cutajar 51

Anton rea cutajar 52

anton rea cutajar 53

anton rea cutajar 54

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  1. Lino Valletta says:

    Bix-xoghol, hotba taghmel.

  2. anthony says:

    I have no doubt whatsoever that the Director General Inland Revenue is satisfied that Mr Cutajar’s income tax returns explain this outrageous lifestyle.

    I am sure that if he were not satisfied he would have instituted an investigation long ago.

    I have no reason whatsoever to doubt the integrity and competence of the head of the Revenue.

    • Kalancc MA (Cantab) says:

      But of course you have no doubt, Anthony – how could you?

      These are people of great honour and integrity and to top it all they form part of the elite of ‘Taghna Lkoll Club.

  3. Napoleon Dynamite says:

    Horrible, classless, semiliterate people flaunting their wealth to the praise of moronic suck ups.

    ‘Eeeee wow ir risq king prosit’

    Poor, poor animals.

  4. Edward says:

    Maybe this is what the army was building that thing for.

  5. Makjavel says:

    Is it legal to have an assualt rifle, unless it is a model?
    What is his declared income?

    • mike says:

      It is legal, Makjavel, to own the civilian version once you get a licence.

      “Civilian” version is in semi auto, meaning you press the trigger for every shot.

      “Assault rifle” is nothing but a name for the object used in close fighting during the culmination of a military attack.

      An assault rifle will have the same furniture but automatic fire is possible, and before you ask, no, you cannot modify the former into the latter.

      We tend to misinterpret the words, because anything can be used as an assault weapon: a baseball bat, a kitchen knife…

  6. NC says:

    All following in the footsteps of their great Lorry Sant

  7. Mac Taylor says:

    Blokki tas-silg?

  8. Antoine Vella says:

    Needless to say, there are no MEPA permits for the zoo and, there are in fact at least 2 enforcement notices for the site which is officially described as “stables”. As often happens, the case has been dragging on for many years and no direct action taken by MEPA.

  9. Kevin J says:

    In Malta everything is topsy turvy: those who break the law are hailed as kings (kinks) and heroes while those who respect the law and others get kicked around.

  10. Bert Gauci says:

    How do you finance such a massive illegal operation?

  11. Daphne Caruana Galizia says:

    Ma tantx hu qalbu perzuta ghal min qieghed ibati, Markus. Ghandu kilba kontra r-refugjati u hlief jghajjar min hu ‘favurihom’ ma jaghmilx.

    Imbilli ddahhal xi wiehed jew wahda go wheelchair ghand iz-zoo illegali tieghek minghajr hlas – dak mhux kaz ta’ taghmel il-gid lil min hu aghar minnek.

  12. Jozef says:

    An Aston and a Ferrari, Tony Montana has nothing on him.

    Here’s a little break from screeching over square engines and air conditioned safety cells.


  13. Daphne Caruana Galizia says:

    The Mafia in Italy and North America and cocaine-traffickers in Central America do ‘charity work’ too, tinnat.

    It costs relatively nothing to parade a few people in wheelchairs around the place or pay to take them out, and it’s a highly visible way of ‘looking good’ – the most visible way, in fact, because when there are wheelchairs, you can’t miss them.

    The people who really do good do so privately. You never know who they are or what they doing.

    Anton Rea Cutajar’s behaviour does not fall into the category of ‘doing good’ but of public relations for himself.

    People who are naturally good and kind do not rant and rave against suffering people who have just made a terrible journey in a rickety boat to reach Europe. They do not hate refugees.

    Anton Rea Cutajar is one of the horrible Maltese savages who infested Cecilia Malmstrom’s Facebook page with vulgar remarks and aggressive language back in 2013 when his hero Joseph Muscat was busy with Manuel Mallia, stirring the pot about pushbacks.

  14. Anthony Charles says:

    Dan il-proxmu ihobb l-animali.

  15. Jozef says:

    Erm, having a lawn is the ultimate status symbol nowadays.

    Which explains astro-turf available in rolls at every well-meaning garden centre.

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