Executive chairman puts two sisters and one brother on Identity Malta payroll

Published: July 30, 2015 at 8:57am
Kathryn Mercieca

Kathryn Mercieca

Further to my post about Joe Vella Bonnici yesterday evening (it’s the one immediately prior to this), at the crack of dawn today I received further information that makes it even more obvious why he is avoiding questions.

He hasn’t put just one of his brothers – pensioner Tano Vella Bonnici – and one of his sisters – Dorothy Pace, whose daughter Alessandra featured prominently in the Labour Party campaign, and whose husband Charles Pace, a former Air Malta pilot who took early retirement of half a million euros, is now a managing director at Transport Malta – on the payroll at Identity Malta, but also another sister.

The message I received this morning says:

IMPORTANT TOO. GM MRS DCG just read your last post re ID Malta. A friend last week collected the new passport from JVB’s sister Kathryn Mercieca who worked at the family shop in Zabbar. Regards.