I never liked the man and am not surprised to discover that he is a disgusting pervert

Published: July 19, 2015 at 4:21pm

john suda

The Minister for the Economy (see previous post) would probably say that John Suda is liberal, but really he is just a dirty old man and revolting pervert.

Well done to his latest – and hopefully last – victim for going straight to the police.

We know that she is not his first victim because he said so himself when trying to justify his actions, in court this afternoon. From the report on Times of Malta:

The prosecutors said they contacted series producers Herman Bonaci and Frieda Cauchi and the latter told them she never heard of such auditions.

However, the accused claimed he had carried out similar auditions even with Ms Cauchi herself.

So now everybody’s going to be wondering why on earth the dumb Frieda Cauchi got naked with John Suda and touched his willy when he asked her to, and actually thought it was an audition.

People are suggesting, below the report on Times of Malta, that it might not be true and that we should wait for his side of the story. But that means they didn’t read the report properly (for a change) because if they had, they would have noticed that he and his lawyer gave his side of the story right there and then, and he is not denying that any of that happened.

He is trying to justify it, which is completely different, and saying that it was not violent, indecent assault. He is trying to suggest that she complied of her own free will.

Oh, of course she did. Wouldn’t you know that it’s every lovely 22-year-old woman’s dream (I happen to know who she is because her mother was at school with two of my sisters) to get naked and physically intimate with a man of 64 who was physically repellant even when I knew him in my teens at the MADC in the early 1980s.

Back then he would have been in his early 30s, but from my position in the chorus line and building sets I could see him chasing after the English expatriate amateur actresses with his tongue scraping the floor while they ran in the opposite direction because he was ugly without being even remotely sexy or witty or amusing, but rather loud, obnoxious, humourless and quite thick.

When my sister texted me to say he’d been arrested for indecent assault, I texted back: “Why am I not surprised.”

God knows how many others he’s assaulted or perved around along the years, but you never went to the police in those days. He’s probably been getting away with it for so long that he thinks it’s normal and not a crime. Behaviour as described in this report from the Courts of Justice is not something that suddenly occurs to a man. It is systematic.

Oh, and it’s not about sex, either. Most men can get sex for free, especially at his age when there are so many desperate women around who think any man who isn’t actually in a wheelchair or hooked up to a life-support machine is A Catch.

No, it’s about power over a vulnerable, trapped young woman, and about getting off on that power and trapped ‘creature’. They’re turned on by a ‘victim’ situation. If the police go through his computer they’ll probably find porn that features powerless women being abused.