Well, it beats blaspheming at a café table at 4pm on a work day

Published: July 18, 2015 at 11:36pm

jose herrera

Mur ara x’il-madoffi jifhem fl-economic growth, dal-avukat nofs kedda dejjem idur il-kafejiet tal-Belt jidghi bl-Alla u l-Madonna u l-genitali tan-nisa. My apologies for the language switch but only that will do.

Because Jose Herrera is Parliamentary Secretary for Economic Growth, wouldn’t you know, and he’s taken to lecturing us about the subject, taking a break from his sole lifetime experience of defending drug-dealers in court, and hanging around every café in Valletta blaspheming and with one of his eyes twitching so hard that if Konrad Mizzi were to hook it up to the grid it would power Cavett’s Place on the hottest of its boogie nights.

X’imbarrazz ta’ nies. Dan jimla skip wahdu.