Corrupt former acting Police Commissioner to be given offices on first floor of Television House

Published: August 27, 2015 at 10:53pm

television house

The government has given corrupt former acting Police Commissioner Ray Zammit, father of corrupt police inspectors Daniel and Roderick, extensive offices on the first floor of the former Television House on Guardamangia Hill.

The offices are currently being refitted and redecorated to accommodate him and his yet-to-be-recruited staff.

The agency Ray Zammit will head does not yet exist and remains nameless, but we are told that it is something to do with the supervision of traffic wardens. It was created especially for him, the carrot by which he was led out of the police force.

One of his corrupt sons was ‘boarded out’ of the force on psychiatric grounds but then deemed fit for a consultancy post in Enemalta’s fraud and theft department. The other corrupt son remains in the force but has been redeployed to the Hamrun police station.