Guided tours of Malta’s most famous rubble wall, this Sunday

Published: September 29, 2015 at 3:46pm

Hi guys, intom telghin s'ghand Daphne biex ticcekjaw dak il-hajt tas-sejjieh?

Hi guys, intom telghin s’ghand Daphne biex ticcekjaw dak il-hajt tas-sejjieh?

You know how there’s not much to do in Malta on a weekend? So I have decided to raise funds for the Find A Cure for Hdura Research Foundation by organising guided tours, with tea and cakes, of the most famous rubble wall in Malta.

Given that the only access, without trespassing on a very, very angry farmer’s fields as the government’s reporters did, is through my house, I thought that this would be a jolly idea which would also allow Labour Party and Malta Today investigative journalists to take highly detailed close-ups for a feature on the dying skill of drystone-walling.

The excellent cooks with whom I work will bake the cakes and the chairman of the Malta Council for Science and Technology will be mother and pour the Earl Grey. For an extra donation, you will be able to yank his chain and watch him rant and rave while his Chihuahua panics.

So, what do you think? Good idea or what?