Michael Zammit Tabona can do whatever he likes – but not as long as he represents Malta

Published: September 21, 2015 at 9:02pm

Malta’s ambassador to Finland has been posting racist and xenophobic memes, links to fear-mongering articles and ‘jokes’ on his Facebook page.

It is COMPLETELY inappropriate, and you would think that somebody with all his advantages and social privileges would know that.

He should know a hotelier may do whatever he pleases, but an ambassador of Malta may not. And even a hotelier had better watch out with the racist and xenophobic remarks because after all, he depends on visitor traffic.

Zammit Tabona was appointed ambassador to Finland by the incoming Labour government in early 2013. His racist and xenophobic views are clearly in line with those of the Labour Party.

But he is not a Labour politicians. He is an ambassador, for heaven’s sake.

Hotelier Michael Zammit Tabona, Malta's ambassador to Finland, with members of his hotel staff.

Hotelier Michael Zammit Tabona, Malta’s ambassador to Finland, with members of his hotel staff.

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