Attorney General asks for three psychiatrists to report on whether Erin Tanti is a danger to others at the university

Published: October 22, 2015 at 12:43am
Erin Tanti

Erin Tanti

Yet another story on this website has triggered action and led to some kind of a result.

Last Sunday night I reported that Erin Tanti, the (ex) teacher who stands accused of the seduction and murder of one of his 15-year-old pupils, has been allowed to start reading for a bachelor’s degree in psychology and anthropology at the University of Malta.

Now the Attorney General has requested the court to order that Tanti be assessed by three psychiatrists, who will then report on whether he is mentally fit to go to university without endangering others or, for that matter, himself – “especially considering the impressionably vulnerable age of the majority of university students”.