Dorothy is feeling disgusted

Published: October 21, 2015 at 10:07pm

Perhaps Mrs Luciano Busuttil should tell us why she left her job at APS Bank after an extended period of sick leave. Various sources have informed me that she may have been asked to leave and did not do so of her own accord.

The fact that a vacancy for a government authority job was advertised in the newspapers is completely meaningless. Government authorities are required by regulations to do that for all jobs that are not “positions of trust”. That’s how Lara Boffa was put on the state payroll at the Malta Council for Science and Technology, but there isn’t a single person who believes that by an amazing coincidence, the executive chairman’s girlfriend was selected because she was the best qualified to fill the job of personal assistant to the executive chairman.

dorothy busuttil

No, that isn't Dorothy. It's Luciano Busuttil's mother's dog, called Kaiser.

No, that isn’t Dorothy. It’s Luciano Busuttil’s mother’s dog, called Kaiser.