Eva Aydelman – another fraudster comes to Malta (and now with a Maltese passport)

Published: November 29, 2015 at 1:45am
In Times of Malta's print edition yesterday - did Eva Aydelman buy her Maltese passport?

In Times of Malta’s print edition yesterday – did Eva Aydelman buy her Maltese passport?

Eva Aydelman is an international fraudster and con-artist who was jailed in England for committing large-scale fraud using the alias Lady Geraldine Travers, the stolen identity of a deceased Irish infant.

Her husband, Simon Aydelman, is currently facing trial in Malta for trying to kill her last April at their home in San Gwann. The bullet missed her but lodged in the façade of a house across the street. Simon Aydelman was then kept at Mount Carmel Psychiatric Hospital, in the forensic ward, for treatment.

Four years earlier, in 2011, Simon Aydelman had already been charged with shooting in during an argument at a football club in Naxxar. He had also threatened to shoot the police officers who arrived on the scene. The police found that the gun had been reported as stolen in 2003 from a house in Swieqi.

A year after that, in 2012, he was charged with harassing and threatening his wife, Eva.

At the same time, Eva Aydelman passed herself off as an “Israeli businesswoman” planning to bring a luxury fair called ‘the Carnival of Luxury’ to a Portuguese coastal town. The event, which was supposed to be held in April 2013, collapsed in a slew of accusations of fraud and corruption, which she called malicious rumours. This blog-post and the comments beneath give some interesting insight.

For some reason, she had got her son, 16, to front this fair and give interviews about it, at least in Malta.

Eva Aydelman uses an alternative version of her name at times: Eva Vaiserfirer-Eidelman.