UPDATED/Michelle Muscat’s dress designer

Published: November 28, 2015 at 11:22pm

So, apparently Mrs Muscat’s costumes are designed by one Mary Grace Pisani (below), whose atelier is called Fersani.

Here are some rave reviews from the style and elegance experts.

This is Mary Grace Pisani’s main line of business, which is making curtains. To get things on the cheap, she has been allowed, with the help of her government contacts, to have prisoners make her curtains for a pittance.

Here she is, interviewed on television.

This is a review of one of her fashion shows. One of the dresses in that show was made of plastic shower curtains and contained live fish – just like the most notorious pair of curtains exhibited in the foyer of Parliament House recently, which were supposed to have been designed by prisoners at Corradino Prisons.

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Fersani 3

Fersani 2

Fersani 1