Not smirking now, is he? No, not so smug.

Published: January 20, 2016 at 8:06pm

So much for all that fuss Muscat made about Joe Cassar. Well, what can you say about that Gaffarena family of crooks? They’ve already notched up two resignations: one from the cabinet, and the other from the shadow cabinet, and while Cassar resigned his seat in parliament too, Falzon has no intention of doing so.

And hold on a minute here: let’s not forget that the Auditor-General reported in just as damning a fashion about Muscat’s deal with the owners of the lease on the Café Premier. Just as damning? More damning, because in that case it was the Prime Minister he was talking about, and the scale of the wrong-doing, in terms of money (in excess of 4 million euros) and wheeler-dealing was greater.

But did Muscat resign? Did he hell.

He’s quite prepared to cut Michael Falzon loose, though, isn’t he, so as to hold on to his seat of power from which he can reward low-life scum like Cyrus Engerer after they’ve just been sentenced to two and a half years (suspended) in jail.

Looks like Falzon is the fall guy again – just like when they all went home and left him to face the music alone in the general election counting-hall in March 2008.

Michael Falzon gets pushed off the cliff because it’s a house in Valletta we’re talking about. But Joseph Muscat and his corrupt henchman Konrad Mizzi get to stay, because nobody’s following the money trail from Baku, Beijing and now possibly even Algiers and Montenegro, all the way to some hidden bank account.

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