If the (Panama) hat fits, wear it

Published: February 22, 2016 at 1:00pm

Or as those sorts of people prefer to say, “Konrad Mizzi sab kappell jiġiħ”. And the entire Labour Party will end up wearing it with him if they elect him deputy leader.

I know they will ignore my advice on the imagined basis that this is a cunning plan to derail his election and that I have a hidden agenda to do so because he is so good and will work miracles for Labour and I am “jealous”, but nothing could be further from the truth. I am just tired of seeing this country lurch from mess to mess because of the Labour Party and its decisions, in Opposition and in government, and I’ve reached the stage where I honestly can’t take any more of it.

None of this is new or interesting anymore, and like increasing numbers of people I would simply like to live my life without waking up every day wondering what the Labour Party is hatching and plotting next. People are fed up to the gills. I met a businessman acquaintance by chance the other day who had never spoken to me about politics or current affairs in all the years I’d known him. But this time he wanted to offload and didn’t stop. “Business is good,” he said, “Imma kulħadd bil-geddum, nervi u burdata ħażina. They’ve created such a bad atmosphere in the country with all these sleazy decisions. You just get the feeling that nothing is straight.”

So the Labour delegates can take this as a genuine warning, or they can brush it off and then cope with the consequences of that along with the rest of the country. I’m not at liberty to say more for the time being, because if I were, then rest assured that I would.

panama hat 1