Joseph is cheating on Konrad tonight

Published: February 13, 2016 at 10:36pm

The Prime Minister and Mrs Muscat are dining à quatre right now with the Justice Minister, Owen Bonnici, and his mistress Janice Bartolo, a reporter with the Labour Party’s television station. They are at Zest in Spinola Bay. Fortunately, there’s a police station stuffed to the gills with pulizija Laburisti (Toni Abela’s favourite kind) right next door, who will be perfectly happy to crowd-control the paparazzi who will head straight there after reading this post and lay siege to the famous and glamorous power-couples as they emerge.

Our Queen. She makes us proud.

Note to the President of the Law Commission: CARPE DIEM.

"Try to act like you mean it, Joseph."

“Try to act like you mean it, Joseph.”