There Joseph goes, using gay people to his personal advantage again

Published: March 4, 2016 at 2:27pm

The Prime Minister said this morning that it’s time to talk about gay marriage (as though the civil union law isn’t exactly identical to the Marriage Act in all but name).

Talk about gay marriage? In the eye of the Panamagate storm? People have reacted badly to that one, filling Facebook with comments about Muscat’s cynicism in trying to use gay issues to save himself from a mounting hurricane of anger about money-laundering, corruption, kickbacks and the activities of his two Main Men and his aggressive defence of them, which indicate that he too is involved somehow.

What does he imagine? Probably that people will say, “Oh goodie. The Prime Minister wants us to talk about gay marriage. So let’s do that instead of discussing how his mates Keith and KonRat set up companies in Panama when the deal with Azerbaijan was going through. Why not?”

Muscat and his henchmen have lost control of the media, are no longer directing the agenda, and are now wallowing around hopelessly, clutching at gay straws.

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