Trade unions up in arms about corruption

Published: March 6, 2016 at 1:38pm

The Confederation of Malta Trade Unions has released a statement about current revelations that the Prime Minister’s chief of staff and his preferred minister have set up companies in Panama and trusts in New Zealand to shelter them.

Has there been a statement from the Chamber of Commerce, yet? No, there has not. You have to wonder exactly what they are waiting for. This thing is not going to blow over.

“Besides being morally reprehensible, lack of good governance may in the long run result in higher costs for honest tax paying citizens,” the CMTU said.

“We want to publicly express our concern that senior government figures, while negotiating major deals in the name of the Maltese people, are on the other hand holding secretive trusts with companies in places with a reputation of being a preferred destination of hidden funds.”

“It is essential that these matters are thoroughly investigated and new measures promoting good governance, transparency and accountability are introduced in the very near future. It is also important that real or perceived conflicts of interests of persons in government roles to be clearly defined and also resolved. These are essential principles in a modern and healthy democracy.”