I love how Konrad Mizzi’s declaration of assets is dated 8 February

Published: April 28, 2016 at 9:36am

Crooked in everything they do and say: the Minister of Health and Energy has dated his declaration of assets ‘8 February’, to fit in with the fiction, concocted with Muscat himself, that he presented a ‘draft declaration’ to the Prime Minister, “some weeks” before the story broke, which included his Panama company and New Zealand trust.

These crooks can’t even get their lies into a line. After I uploaded a photograph of a New Zealand lamb and then a photograph of a man carrying a Panama hat on 22 February, Konrad Mizzi rushed to Malta Today and gave the newspaper an “exclusive story” in which he lied to them too: he told them about his New Zealand trust, but failed to mention its name. He also, very conspicuously, failed to tell the newspaper that the sole purpose of the trust is to hold shares in something else that he owns: a company in Panama. So I broke that story and this is when the cat was really set among the pigeons.

In the ensuing chaos, both Mizzi and Muscat pretended not to know or to have forgotten the names of both trust and company. They were holding out at that stage because they weren’t sure how much was known and didn’t want to confirm or deny.

Obviously, this business about the draft declaration submitted to the Prime Minister is a lie – both the Prime Minister and his favoured Minister are lying to save their skins – but the way they can’t even get their lines straight is a farce. If Mizzi’s declaration of assets including his Panama company and New Zealand trust were really dated 8 February, then he would have had no reason to conceal from Malta Today at the end of that month the fact that he doesn’t just have a trust but also a company. And when the two of them were fudging around trying to fend off journalists who asked for the names, saying that they couldn’t remember or didn’t know, if that declaration dated 8 February were really in existence, all they would have had to do is consult it and, more pertinently, publish it.