Mossack Fonseca lets cat out of bag ahead of worldwide coverage of massive Panama Leaks data

Published: April 2, 2016 at 12:33pm

Mossack Fonseca sent this communication to its clients worldwide by email last night (Malta time). This is ahead of the release in the coming days of massive ‘Panama leaks’ data, with big stories on which news agencies and news corporations the world over have been working for the last few weeks/months.

The leaks involve hundreds of names, including heads of state, members of governments worldwide (including our very own Health & Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi and the Prime Minister’s chief of staff, Keith Schembri) and people involved in organised crime.

Finnish television has already announced (yesterday – see separate post) that it will broadcast special documentaries on the subject on Monday and the following Monday.

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  1. Ted says:

    Does anybody know whether Konrad Mizzi is back in Malta? Probably he is already suffering from psycho-social issues.

  2. RF says:

    Hallejujah! Let them eat crow.

  3. Jon jon says:

    Imodium must be in short supply at the moment.

  4. Mark Vassallo says:

    Time for someone to wear his brown pants and stock up on dioralyte sachets?

  5. Ronny says:

    “Ara x’wasslu ghamlu dawk il-**** tal-PN biex jaghmlulna hsara” said the typical ‘laburist sal-mewt’ pea brain voter.

  6. CC says:

    Waslet is-siegha tal-prova.

  7. Jesmond Briffa says:

    I’m assuming it will be a while before we see our dear Joseph again.

  8. Kevin J says:

    I don’t believe anything will come out of this in Malta even if Muscat himself is on the list.

  9. Makjavel says:

    Where is the 10% from Henley and Partners going?

  10. Daphne Caruana Galizia says:


  11. Les Bonbons says:

    Apparently this journalistic investigation has been going on for quite some time, BEFORE they or anyone else had a chance to close their companies or move/empty any funds they may or may not have had.

  12. Daphne Caruana Galizia says:

    Yes, it’s very tiresome.

  13. Daphne Caruana Galizia says:

    Not my discovery.

  14. Dion borg says:

    is this news..?? we already know Konrad had a company in Panama.. by his own admission,
    ..!! Mhatra jaqa’ l Gvern nhar it Tlieta… ahaha..!!

  15. A Attard says:

    Once the worldwide Panamagate implications come out with resignations by politicians elsewhere, the untenability of Joseph Muscat’s position and that of his henchmen will be even more evident.

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