Who does he think he’s fooling: Chris Cardona’s income from rent = what he ‘paid’ Silvan Fenech

Published: April 28, 2016 at 2:41am

The Minister for the Economy has declared €14,400 as income from rent among his general income for 2015 in his declaration of assets to parliament.

That figure rang a bell, especially associated with Cardona’s name, and sure enough, it’s what he claims to have paid Silvan Fenech for using his Portomaso flat last year when he had to leave the marital home. Except, of course, that he only ‘paid’ that rent in one lump sum AFTER he left the flat and in line with a joke lease agreement which they cobbled together in haste to present to parliament after I revealed that he wasn’t paying any rent at all but had received the use of the luxury flat as a gift from his businessman drinking buddy.

Cardona declared the same amount in income from rent (for his office) for 2014, too, so clearly it is not the rent income figure that has been fixed to tally with his rent ‘outgoings’ but the other way round. Now the question is, why?

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