Why is Keith Schembri even still there, let alone threatening to sue people

Published: May 20, 2016 at 5:30pm

You have got to read this story. This is the classic money-laundering operation. If you don’t believe me, go and ask your nearest firm of accountants.

One of the most scandalous aspects of these facts – unfortunately it hasn’t been mentioned in the otherwise detailed story – is that this secret company in Cyprus, A2Z Consulta, was set up as a joint operation between three shareholders who were the managing director/chairman of Allied Newspapers/Progress Press and the two main suppliers to Allied Newspapers/Progress Press: Adrian Hillman, Keith Schembri of Kasco Group and Pierre Sladden of Redmap.

Adrian Hillman was forced to resign a couple of months ago when the story first began to break, but he was the decision-maker on all capital and routine expenditure for Allied Newspapers and Progress Press. Keith Schembri’s Kasco Group sold the publisher its most recent printing presses, related equipment and routine consumables including all its paper, and Pierre Sladden’s Redmap reconstructed and outfitted the Mriehel premises to which the newspaper and press moved from their historic location in Valletta.

And now Keith Schembri is flinging himself at walls threatening to sue everybody in sight who says he is corrupt and laundering money. This man is Joseph Muscat’s chief of staff, if you please.

What has this country come to.

And A2Z Consulta is not the only Cypriot company they own or to which they are linked. There is another one, called Holdforth Ltd, which is used to move their money around, generally to and from Keith Schembri’s other secret offshore company in Gibraltar, about which a great deal remains to be said.

A2Z Consulta