John Dalli emails Brussels news portal: “You have been fed this information by Terrorist Daphne Caruana Galizia”/Tells Opposition that Euractiv “has links to Maltese terrorists”

Published: June 13, 2016 at 11:48pm

Disgraced former European Commissioner John Dalli, Prime Minister Muscat’s hospital privatisation consultant, has emailed the Opposition leader (subject: “More terrorism”), copied to the entire Nationalist parliamentary group, attaching a copy of an equally weird message he sent to the Brussels news portal Euractiv, which covered my Alfred Mifsud/John Dalli/Philip Morris International story today.

The email (reproduced in screen shots below) says in translation:

Dear Simon,

Today the website copied the article which the (female) terrorist wrote yesterday. This site has links to terrorists in Malta and Ivan Camilleri used to contribute to it (I don’t know whether it was with the Times’ permission).

I am attaching the article and my reply, for your information.

I expect more of these attacks now that part of Kessler’s immunity has been lifted and he is being investigated by the Belgian police.

Best regards,

John Dalli

The reply he sent to Euractiv is also reproduced in screenshots below, but his strange formatting makes it difficult to read, so here it is in the original ‘English’.

I refer to your article “Links of ex-commissioner Dalli to Philip Morris exposed” published today in

You have been fed this information by Terrorist Daphne Caruana Galizia which, rather than being a respected journalist is known in Malta as the Queen of Bile, because her “investigations” are nothing but pieces of information which she is given by interested person and which she distorts and spins to attack her hate victims and anybody that does not push her political interests. As to being independent, a precursory view of her writings show her excessive bias.

I fail to see by what stretch of the imaginative and manipulative gymnastics you come to the conclusion contained in your heading.

What are the links that I am supposed to have had with Philip Morris? And if I had these links would Philip Morris have gone to such an effort to use a small time entrepreneur in Malta to make contact with me – offering him payment – through their Joint Venture Partner Swedish Match?

Would this not show that all the effort of the Tobacco Lobby to influence me drew a complete blank so much so that they finally had to resort to an elaborated setup which found the ready ear of Jose Manoel Barroso, through his friend Michel Petit?

That I was visiting Mifsud’s offices twice a week is a blatant lie. I could have visited his office twice or three times and Mr. Mifsud gave the reason for these visits. The bloggist published this reply but you did not.

If you ask OLAF, they would tell you that when they went through my office at night and without my knowledge in the course of their investigation of the SNUS report, they found a report which Alfred Mifsud had sent to me about the currency crisis that Europe was passing through at the time. I used this report to prepare myself for the discussions we used to have in college on this biting crisis.

This collaborates Mr. Mifsud’s statement.

terrorism 1

terrorism 2

terrorism 3

terrorism 4

terrorism 5

terrorism 6

terrorism 7

terrorism 8

John Dalli

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  1. Spock says:

    This man is totally insane. He needs a psychiatrist – fast.

  2. A.Scerri says:

    This man has really and truly lost his marbles.

  3. M. says:

    Toni Abela sued you for calling him a clown (or was it an “ghoxx”?); how much more serious it is for him to call you a terrorist, and how cynical of him to use the words “terrorism” and “terrorist” on the morrow of a terrorist attack where some fifty people lost their lives.

  4. P Bonnici says:

    Even someone who never heard of him would discredit him. This man cannot go any lower, he was part of the PN then PL took him know as consultant, this reflects the poor standard of people holding public office in Malta.

  5. john says:

    Breaking: ‘Terrorist Caruana Galizia linked to Orlando massacre’

  6. GerrG01 says:

    The world he has made himself is a maze of madness.

  7. T Borg says:

    Let us not forget that former Police Commissioner’s intention was to prosecute John Dalli based on the OLAF report. This did not happen because Muscat changed the Police Commissioner after the 2013 elections. Dalli should be before a court of law and not sending rubbish emails to Opposition MPs.

  8. Daphne Caruana Galizia says:

    The most obvious answer is that he did it because he is mentally ill.

  9. Daphne Caruana Galizia says:

    He appears to be confusing the two – hence the reference to.snus and the Swedes when this is about Philip Morris.

  10. Karl Magri says:

    Witch, terrorist. What next?

  11. Karl Magri says:

    Dalli is already preparing his ‘defence’. How about admitting to being a laughing stock with a one-liner like: “Yes I was a fool and I shall now disappear for good” and let real serious and sincere people with leadership skills take over and restore lost dignity of our country.

    This guy handed me my practising warrant in July 1995 and I see his frickin name in my office everyday. Damn.

    • Joseph Spiteri says:

      Could you identify who these real and sincere people with leadership skills are because all I see at the moment in parliament and in Maltese politics are a bunch of clowns trying to one-up each other and who in reality demonstrate level of poor quality that Maltese politics has reached.

  12. Edward says:

    This man is literally stupid. No wonder Malta is the way it is.

    If there are people like him around, and people who support people like him around, then no wonder we’re always in such a mess.

  13. Odyssey says:

    The subject line of the e-mail sent to Simon Busuttil is “Re: Aktar Terrorizmu”, which means that he was replying to another e-mail and that there should be a thread to that e-mail.

    • Chris says:

      No, he was FORWARDING an email. The clue is in the typeface, as pointed by others. The piece was probably written by a well-known editor. Dalli then added the salutations and copied on.

  14. La Redoute says:

    The only person who mentioned Swedish Match in this latest episode of The Dalli Chronicles is John Dalli himself. That “collaborates” (sic) your blog post about the Mifsud-Dalli tobacco connection. It also undermines Dalli’s claim that he’s innocent in the Snus case.

  15. La Redoute says:

    Queen of Bile, eh? Could Dalli have made his Balzan connection any clearer?

  16. Daphne Caruana Galizia says:

    I don’t think English was much of a requirement in Gaddafi’s Libya.

  17. J Sammut says:

    X’kitiblu jagħmel lil “Simon”?

    Mela meta jiġi dahru mal-ħajt, “Simon” ma jibqax dak li talab il-fajls tad-Daewoo mingħand Gaffarena?

    Meta Gaffarena ħareġ b’din l-istorja, Dalli sieket baqa’.

    Tant kemm hu imħawwad li inkluda lil Dr Joe Cassar u lil Giovanna Debono fl-indirizzi .

    Li kont Dr Busuttil kont nistaqsih min hi din “it-terrorista” u l-għala għadu ma talabx il-protezzjoni tal-pulizija minnha.

    • Tabatha_White says:

      I’m trying to imagine what discussion around the dinner table is like: perhaps a foreign language?

  18. Tax-xelin says:

    Dalli must be suffering from some type or other of a mix-up syndrome. Exposing the truth is certainly terrorising to wrong-doers, but since when is somebody a terrorist because he/she rightly exposes the truth?

    • GerrG01 says:

      Subjective morality. To a Serb a Croat was evil, to every prey a predator is evil and to every host a parasite is evil. Anything thing that threatens the behaviour or operation of fraudsters is cause for alarm. The fact that these e-mails are being shotgunned out could mean proximity to something big.

    • Gee Mike says:

      Maybe he was looking for some other word “Trutherist” maybe?

      Living in a parallel universe it must feel that way. Dalli that is.

  19. Natalie says:

    You know, having a look at that right of reply, I’m thinking that the man has a missed career as a graphic designer.

  20. Another John says:

    This simp!e question throws light on the mentality of the Maltese people in general and Maltese politicians in particular.

    Many people in Malta think that the be-all and end-all of conflict resolution or problem-solving is via political means/access.

    Many people have not yet realised that we (supposedly) live in a democracy and that we have institutions that should tackle wrong-doing.

  21. J. Vella says:

    Miskin, jahasra tant sar patetiku li l-hajja tieghu dahlet f’kalamita’ b’konseguenzi tragici u irriversibli.

  22. La Redoute says:

    One of the lesser but equally shocking things about this letter is that someone can spend decades in public life dealing with people and institutions at the highest level and remain painfully unaware of correct form in formal communication.

    Best regards, indeed.

  23. Tax Payer says:

    When one ends up at that stage of mental disorientation, I am afraid nothing and nobody will remedy the problem. The only person who loves him is himself.

  24. may borg says:

    Not only that. I am worried because this is a sort of incitement. Keep on repeating the hatred from all corners and it becomes dangerous.

    Ja ndannati u mejtin bil-guh allavolja mimlijin kumpanniji u flus.

  25. Alexander H says:

    Was Dalli always this mad or is he becoming worse? He needs psychological help as soon as possible.

  26. La Redoute says:

    There are lots of reasons to not trust Dalli with money. He’s shown there’s another one – the man is unhinged.

    • Janie says:

      But the main reason to not trust him with money, is because it will disappear into his bank account and you will never see it again.

  27. La Redoute says:

    Another weird thing about Dalli’s paranoid behaviour is thet he removed his number from public directories but then puts it under his name in a mass email message.

  28. pm says:

    Dear John Dalli, who do you think is MOST TRUSTED in both Malta and, especially, in Brussels Mrs Caruana Galizia or Mr John Dalli (i.e. yourself)?

  29. DeltaSierraFoxtrot says:

    As my dear old Nan would say “there’s something wrong with him, he’s got a blockage”.

  30. Democracy says:

    What has all this got to do with terrorism and Simon Busuttil?

    The public has every right to political information, be it Labour or Nationalist Party related.

    Intimidation of this sort is an attempt at trying to hold back that same information.

  31. Godfrey Leone Ganado says:

    Dear John – If you consider Daphne to be a terrorist, please note that I am proud to be an associate terrorist and I will keep doing my utmost to help, within my limitations, to free this island from the dirt it has fallen into.

    My regret is that I used to be one of your admirers. However your recent past has proved me wrong.

  32. Richard J. Caruana says:

    Qieghed sew dan Dalli. Meta qabbzuh minn kummissarju tal-EU mar jibki ghand Muscat u issa mar jibki ghand Busuttil. Imhawwad wahda sew. Miskin? Ma nafx.

  33. Ovid says:

    He signs his emails like a teenager. Do you think he uses spooky fonts over Halloween and a snow covered signature for Christmas?

  34. Rosanne B says:

    If only that was possible, i.e. removing the present government that ‘easily’.

  35. Joanne Pace says:

    What went wrong John Dalli, when did you turn bad? Was it the twisted ideology of money, money, and more money?

    • Ovid says:

      The Dallis are all like that. It was instilled in them at a very young age. There isn’t one who is not a gold digger.

      They are all involved in some scandal or another. The priest makes his money by promoting pilgrimages on a fjord cruise amongst other things.

  36. Liberata says:

    Dear Rosie, I am no saint but let’s leave Lourdes out of this please.

    A room in a mental institution should be Mr Dalli’s residence from now to eternity.

    • rosie says:

      Dear Liberata I was in no way trying to ridicule the devotion a huge number of people have towards Our Lady of Lourdes , but I was not joking , people like Toto Rina and other mafia heads have a deep rooted religious devotion , some of them church goers on a daily basis , John Dalli fits in easily with these types.

  37. steve fenech says:

    Hi Daphne, for once try and see the issue from the other’s perspective.
    To my mind the reason why John Dalli considers you a terrorist is simple, you just plain terrorise him.

    Now just why you terrorise him is a mind boggling issue, perhaps should be dealt by psychiatrists?

    • Carmelo Micallef says:

      John Dalli is terrorised by the truth because he knows the truth and is not man enough to live peacefully with the consequences of his own actions.

  38. tinnat says:

    “If you ask OLAF, they would tell you that when they went through my office at night and without my knowledge in the course of their investigation of the SNUS report, they found a report which Alfred Mifsud had sent to me about the currency crisis that Europe was passing through at the time. I used this report to prepare myself for the discussions we used to have in college on this biting crisis.”

    These sentences, in the context of the whole letter, sound really odd. You do wonder why he felt the need to include them in the first place.

  39. Roger Hunt says:

  40. La Redoute says:

    The fundamental problem with John Dalli is that he is grossly ignorant.

  41. Tikka says:

    John Dalli thinks of himself as a victim when he is awash with cash, loaded with property, free to travel, and well protected from prosecution.

    What, then, does he call elderly people who were deprived of their savings and now live in straitened circumstances, some in very ill health?

    • Ovid says:

      He can have all that, but from his actions and deteriorating mental health, evident by his latest rants, he clearly has something eating away at him. Health is the only thing money can’t buy.

  42. U Le! says:

    So first we hear that the FBI is showing interest in some goings on. Now that terrorism is involved we will soon awaken the interests of the CIA.

  43. il-Ginger says:

    Well you did blow the lid on his case.

  44. Reader says:

    I’m seriously thinking Dalli is trying to get some type of exoneration based on insanity.

  45. albertcritien says:

    When Mr Dalli was minister he was instrumental in changes beneficial to all Maltese citizens and now when he is being accused of many things, to which I for one have yet to witness clear evidence, we choose to criminalise him before being proven guilty.

    Is that our way of showing our gratitude, something talked about but not exercised, for what we have all benefitted.

    I do not have the time or energy to name everything, sorry, I am sure your brain can serve you.

    • Chris says:

      Suggest you ask around. But here’s something to get you going.

      Check out the Daewoo saga.

      Ask yourself why Barroso would chuck out one of his own.

      Speak to some of the old American pensioners who have ended up penniless.

      And finally, ask a few of the people who used to work for him.

      • albertcritien says:

        As I suggested, one should wait until sound evidence emerges, a little bit of dust on the ground is not sufficient qualification of negligence or dirt.

    • Tikka says:

      You don’t lack evidence. You lack insight.

    • Janie says:

      I am one of the 8 Upstate little old ladies who had our life savings stolen after we sent our money to Corporate Group Ltd in Malta and Claire Gauci Borda acknowledged she received our funds.

      If you are going to defend John Dalli, I think you need to do a little more digging. We certainly do have the clear evidence and it has been presented.

  46. L-argument says:

    Jhekk Daphney tikxef il hazen u il korruzjoni li hawn fil pajjiz tissejah terrorista,mela min jikkomettihom dawn l-atti xjissejah sur John Dalli?

  47. Major Tom says:

    A terrorised John Dalli behaving like a cornered rat. Who would have ever imagined it? Keep the pressure on and keep investigating.

  48. Joe Fenech says:

    ‘Blatant lie’: I like the ‘gidba fahxija’ type of language.

  49. Joseph Spiteri says:

    Agree with you 100%.

    All the more’s the pity that so many people look up to those in politics and follow their favourite party with blinkered glasses and without even questioning what all these clowns say or do.

    And I’m referring to all parties.

  50. JEG says:

    The plonker lost his marbles.

  51. Spock says:

    You’ve got a point for sure . But he’s not exactly normal is he? He’s so much in denial that being forced to see himself as others do is driving him round the bend.

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