John Dalli emails Brussels news portal: “You have been fed this information by Terrorist Daphne Caruana Galizia”/Tells Opposition that Euractiv “has links to Maltese terrorists”

Published: June 13, 2016 at 11:48pm

Disgraced former European Commissioner John Dalli, Prime Minister Muscat’s hospital privatisation consultant, has emailed the Opposition leader (subject: “More terrorism”), copied to the entire Nationalist parliamentary group, attaching a copy of an equally weird message he sent to the Brussels news portal Euractiv, which covered my Alfred Mifsud/John Dalli/Philip Morris International story today.

The email (reproduced in screen shots below) says in translation:

Dear Simon,

Today the website copied the article which the (female) terrorist wrote yesterday. This site has links to terrorists in Malta and Ivan Camilleri used to contribute to it (I don’t know whether it was with the Times’ permission).

I am attaching the article and my reply, for your information.

I expect more of these attacks now that part of Kessler’s immunity has been lifted and he is being investigated by the Belgian police.

Best regards,

John Dalli

The reply he sent to Euractiv is also reproduced in screenshots below, but his strange formatting makes it difficult to read, so here it is in the original ‘English’.

I refer to your article “Links of ex-commissioner Dalli to Philip Morris exposed” published today in

You have been fed this information by Terrorist Daphne Caruana Galizia which, rather than being a respected journalist is known in Malta as the Queen of Bile, because her “investigations” are nothing but pieces of information which she is given by interested person and which she distorts and spins to attack her hate victims and anybody that does not push her political interests. As to being independent, a precursory view of her writings show her excessive bias.

I fail to see by what stretch of the imaginative and manipulative gymnastics you come to the conclusion contained in your heading.

What are the links that I am supposed to have had with Philip Morris? And if I had these links would Philip Morris have gone to such an effort to use a small time entrepreneur in Malta to make contact with me – offering him payment – through their Joint Venture Partner Swedish Match?

Would this not show that all the effort of the Tobacco Lobby to influence me drew a complete blank so much so that they finally had to resort to an elaborated setup which found the ready ear of Jose Manoel Barroso, through his friend Michel Petit?

That I was visiting Mifsud’s offices twice a week is a blatant lie. I could have visited his office twice or three times and Mr. Mifsud gave the reason for these visits. The bloggist published this reply but you did not.

If you ask OLAF, they would tell you that when they went through my office at night and without my knowledge in the course of their investigation of the SNUS report, they found a report which Alfred Mifsud had sent to me about the currency crisis that Europe was passing through at the time. I used this report to prepare myself for the discussions we used to have in college on this biting crisis.

This collaborates Mr. Mifsud’s statement.

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John Dalli