Race-hate activist and Imperium Europa operator Arlette ‘Letty’ Baldacchino loses libel suit against me

Published: June 23, 2016 at 3:35pm

Arlette ‘Letty’ Baldaccino, the race-hate activist, Imperium Europa operator and long-time companion of race-hatemonger Norman Lowell, this week lost a libel suit she had filed against me 10 years ago for describing her as a racist and xenophobe with Nazi sentiments (or something in that vein) in a column I wrote for The Malta Independent. The court ordered her to pay all the expenses of the case. Baldacchino had also sued Noel Grima, who was my editor at the time, for allowing publication of the piece.

The court found that I had provided sufficient evidence to back up my description of the Imperium Europa operator, and that she had in fact revealed her racist sentiments herself in the suit she filed, by making my assertion that her son’s father is Pakistani the basis for one of her complaints of libel. The fact that she considers this to be libellous is evidence in itself of her racist sentiments, the court said, even though her son’s father was not her Pakistani ex husband.

You can read the judgement here.

Arlette Baldacchino with Norman Lowell

Arlette Baldacchino with Norman Lowell