Corrupt Neville Gafa – part of the Konrad-Joseph-Keith cabal – should be fired and prosecuted

Published: August 1, 2016 at 6:07pm

In the context of what I describe in this post, what Neville Gafa has just written about David Thake is unbelievable.

Instead of answering the call, he rushes to Facebook to say that he didn’t answer the call and that David Thake withheld his number. This is the man who publishes the numbers of journalists who ring him, instead of answering their calls.

And should a public officer call people names and insult them in this manner? How disgraceful, really. A public official making jokes about people’s surnames: imagine if David Thake were to call him Neville Gifa. Muscat has turned the Labour Party and government into a cesspool of money and excrement.

What did Neville Gafa do before his former classmate Joseph Muscat hauled him out by the hair (he had the lanky remains of a pony-tail at the time) and plonked him in the Office of the Prime Minister, working for Keith Schembri, back in 2013? He was a shop assistant at an optician’s in Valletta, with wages paid on Friday.

No wonder that as soon as he got his government position he behaved like a (corrupt) child raiding the sweet shop, taking 38,000 euros in bribes for medical visas for Libyans and then spending them on a BMW car.

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