Leo Brincat scrapes through the initial interview

Published: September 5, 2016 at 6:42pm

Leo Brincat just made it through today’s vote, with 11 in his favour, nine against and one abstention. He has yet to be approved in the plenary session.

And if he is, then the European Court of Auditors will have a new member – see below.

Brincat’s result today stood out against that of the other two contenders, from Portugal and Cyprus, by being conspicuously worse. Lazaros Lazarou of Cyprus obtained 19 votes in favour and one against, with one abstention. Joao Figueiredo of Portugal obtained 19 votes in favour, none against, and two abstentions.

In other words, the other two candidates were elected unanimously and almost unanimously, but Brincat barely made it.