Nice look for a member of parliament

Published: October 31, 2016 at 1:58pm

Some grown men in this part of the world appear not to have heard of trench coats. They probably think Burberry built its name and its business not on trench coats, but on the checked cloth used to line them, a pattern now much favoured by Japanese tourists and by Cyrus Engerer for scarves, by Marlene Mizzi for umbrellas, and by Michelle Muscat for anything large and conspicuous.

As for Aquascutum trench coats, you’re going to have to explain all that to them because it doesn’t have a big and blingy, instantly recognisable pattern that they can flash about like a Burberry check.

Get a trench coat, Deo Debattista. You’re a grown man, a medical doctor and a member of parliament – at least try to look the part, not like a Sicilian drug-smuggler.

And why are these emotionally-retarded people compelled to have pictures taken of themselves going about their daily routine, for upload to Facebook, like teenagers still trying to find their feet socially?