BREAKING/Labour Party insider and key campaigner appointed head of communications at mysterious company which will take over Malta’s private hospitals

Published: November 5, 2016 at 11:25am

Alessandra Pace, a Labour Party insider and key campaign worker in the last general election, who also featured in the Labour Party’s official campaign video ‘Malta Taghna Lkoll’, has been appointed head of communications at Vitals Global Healthcare Ltd, the mysterious company that will be taking over three of Malta’s public hospitals and building a fourth one.

Pace, who is still in her 20s, has had a brief four-year career composed entirely of working for Labour-related outfits, apart from two years as an air hostess at Air Malta, where her father, Charles Pace, was a pilot. He is now a Muscat appointee on the board of Transport Malta. His wife, Ms Pace’s mother, Dorothy, is a sister to Joe Vella Bonnici, the former Labour Party candidate and evasive and shady head of Identity Malta.

The complete media and communications work experience of the new head of communications at Vitals Global Healthcare is:

1. seven months working for Louis Grech in Brussels when he was a member of the European Parliament;

2. one year working in Louis Grech’s private secretariat when he became deputy prime minister;

3. 15 months working for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 2015 taskforce (the meeting was of a few days);

4. 17 months working for the advertising agency owned by Louis Grech’s nephew, which she left to join Vitals.




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