BREAKING/Vitals Global Healthcare agreement on Malta hospitals leaked to this website

Published: November 6, 2016 at 10:22pm

Vitals Global Healthcare’s agreement with Partners Healthcare International, the Boston-based operator which had to be brought in to ‘rescue’ healthcare-knowledge-free VGH, has been leaked to this website. The document arrived in the form of a PDF, which will be stripped of all coded information and properties that may identify the sender, before it is uploaded.

Meanwhile, screenshots of the entire document are uploaded below.

The document, which did not come from Malta, was accompanied by the following email message, which includes a reference to a due diligence report which is NOT the same one that was leaked to me back in May by a different source, carried out for a different client, but also in respect of Vitals Global Healthcare, and which I reposted earlier today.

Attached is the agreement signed between VGH as represented by Ram Tumuluri, and Partners Healthcare International. It is not Ram Tumuluri who signed for VGH, but Ambrish Gupta, who was chairman of the VGH medical board at that time. He who introduced Tumuluri to Partners Healthcare and brokered the agreement for VGH for $$$.

Partners Healthcare International hired a company to carry out due diligence on VGH. The due diligence reported back that VGH is a shell company and that PHI should never engage with it in any way.

However, a fellow at Partners Healthcare International who is Indian-American and in close relation to Ram Tumuluri put aside this report and gave instructions to go ahead with this agreement. He provided a certificate signed by former health minister Konrad Mizzi, addressed to the president of Partners Healthcare International, confirming that VGH and Tumuluri are collectively strategic partners to the government of Malta. This man was in Malta last August and appears in this photographs here near a helicopter.

Tumuluri is using this agreement between VGH and Partners Healthcare International to misrepresent his ties to PHI and Harvard and to gain false credibility when he meets with senior government and healthcare officials in Montenegro and other countries.

He is telling them that VGH has a “$1.6 billion plan”, based on the payment of $55 million/year from the Malta government to VGH for operational expenses. As we all know, this money will be paid for workers’ salaries and treatment costs of people, not as an asset to VGH.

I strongly believe that the people of Malta deserve a much better healthcare deal than this. Please keep my name and identity in the highest confidentiality.