Early-bird “ED ZL” is already promoting his Christmas party

Published: November 8, 2016 at 11:00pm

ED ZL is having a Christmas party. Not a Christmas party for Malta’s Taghna Lkoll glitterati and hangers-on, hosted by Elena ta’ Bagollu in hyper-tal-pepe-mode, you understand (sorry, but I couldn’t quite resist that).

It’s a party for those peasants who elect him, and Elena ta’ Bagollu will be there looking as though she’s sucking on a lemon and nipping to the loo to Sanitex her hands every five minutes.

But the future of Air Malta can wait. The Christmas party is now. Employees of the crisis-torn national airline should all buy a ticket, go there and corner him. This time next year he’s going to be in election mode, and he won’t have found a solution by then. Even Air China has laughed in their face.


"Maaaaa, how nice! Pleased to meet you, ta!"

“Maaaaa, how nice! Pleased to meet you, ta!”