Imbasta jfajjarhom bil-Latin: “quo vaid”, ħi – għax aħna hekk ngħidu ta’ Tagħna Lkoll

Published: December 11, 2016 at 12:47am

His closest aides are the most accurate way to assess a prime minister. Eddie Fenech Adami had Richard Cachia Caruana. Alfred Sant had Joe Borg (I hear you ask, who? Well, exactly.). Lawrence Gonzi had Edgar Galea Curmi and Gordon Pisani. And Joseph Muscat has…Keith Schembri, Kurt Farrugia and Gland Bustingburger, who can’t even get the world’s most hackneyed Latin expression right.

What can I say? Quo vaid Malta, with that bunch of corrupt incompetents in control. They even manage to botch up their corruption. I mean, Ram Tumuluri, really? And come on, we’d never have guessed that the power station deal was fixed beforehand. And the Prime Minister’s use of Gmail to hatch his Café Premier plot was so cunning! He could never have guessed that the Auditor General would disobey him and investigate. And face it, how could Evarist Bartolo have known that the man who has been his loyal vote-canvasser for 24 years is the sort to ask for bribes? No way. He would never have put him in charge of a budget of millions if he did, and those who say he’s in on it too are scoundrels and liars.

Quo vaid, ħi. Malta tagħna lkoll, ras. Mank kien hawn Flit għan-nies.