Noddy and the Police Minister go to Washington

Published: December 7, 2016 at 12:21am

Sadly, Carmelo Abela doesn’t have Big Ears, because that would have made a great title. The Justice Minister, a dead ringer for Enid Blyton’s floppy-capped creation, but with more than a tinge of malevolence, is off in Washington with the Police Minister. And he couldn’t resist tweeting about it – not to impress his girlfriend-with-the-microphone, Janice Bartolo, who he no longer seems particularly keen on impressing, but because he’s so impressed with himself. If he could date himself, he would.

Noddy and the Police Minister have flown across the Pond for a meeting, of course – as one does, popping across the Atlantic at taxpayers’ expense at the slightest pretext. Join the Malta Labour Party and see the world. Growing up as he did in the Maltese sticks, the most Owen Bonnici could have hoped for, had he not got into Labour politics, was a weekend in Catania – and perhaps a trip to Bali, present-day mecca of every Maltese Johnny and his sister.

They spend five to 10 years in government and 20 to 30 years suffering withdrawal symptoms.