Alitalia press release forces government’s hand

Published: January 13, 2017 at 11:15pm

If you were wondering why the government of Malta spoke to Air Malta management and staff today to tell them that the deal with Alitalia is off, it is because – unknown to the Maltese press – Alitalia issued a press statement today announcing that the whole thing has been called off.

In other words, the government’s hand was forced. It had no choice but to hastily call in Air Malta’s people and tell them before they found out from others.

Alitalia issued a statement to the press. Air Malta did not. Nor did the government of Malta, through its Department of Information which is so quick to inform us about the felicitous nature of Konrad Mizzi’s marriage.

You will notice below that the press statement is a JOINT statement, which means that it was agreed upon by both airlines, on the understanding that each would issue it under its own logo to the press in their relevant markets. This did not happen. Alitalia issued its statement as agreed and Air Malta did not.