BREAKING BROTHELGATE/The Economy Minister and his consultant went to the same brothel again today

Published: January 31, 2017 at 8:50pm

UPDATE/It’s just occurred to me that the Minister and his consultant wouldn’t have gone back for sex this afternoon, but for negotiation on making sure their backs are covered, given that the story had broken and the Minister had issued a press release of denial.

The Minister for the Economy, Chris Cardona, accompanied by his consultant and “Malta EU Presidency policy coordinator” Joe Gerada, went to the same brothel, FKK Acapulco, this afternoon that they went to last night. Cardona was scheduled to speak at a conference in Essen, as a guest of the German government, shortly after 2pm today. By 4pm he was at the brothel in Velbert, which is around half an hour away by car.

On entering, Cardona called out to his consultant and policy coordinator, “Joe, Joe, minn hawn.” The patron who went to the locker-room to message me about it at 4pm said they “looked jolly and rather pissed, like they came from a drunken lunch”. He asked me not to upload the information until he and his companion had left the place at 5pm, at which point Cardona and Gerada were still there. This means I have no information on what time the Minister and his consultant left the brothel today.

“The sooner we get these people out of here, the sooner we can go whoring, Chris.”