The Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit has had no director for seven months

Published: January 22, 2017 at 4:51pm

Seven months after the resignation of Manfred Galdes, the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit remains without a director.

You will see from this organisational chart that in the absence of a director, there is nobody to give direction to the unit.

The FIAU’s board of governors is chaired by the Attorney General, a great pal of the current government who not even been embarrassed to blur boundaries by sharing a box at the theatre with the Justice Minister and his girlfriend, a Labour Party television propagandist.

The Attorney-General should be challenged about the state of affairs at the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit and about his several conflicts of interest in his public roles and personal alliances.

Peter Grech, the chairman of the board of governors of Malta’s Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit, who is also the Attorney-General, in a box at the theatre with the Justice Minister, Owen Bonnici, and the Minister’s girlfriend, Janice Bartolo, a propagandist employed by the Labour Party.