They flaunt their corruption and abuse

Published: January 13, 2017 at 3:07pm

This is the corruptly-appointed executive chairman of the Malta Council for Science and Technology, with the woman he put on the council payroll as his personal assistant when he began having an affair with her behind his second wife’s back, and who he promoted beyond her competence and abilities while continuing to have a relationship with her.

The government which appointed him doesn’t mind, because the woman in question featured heavily in its general election marketing campaign for 2013.

Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando and Lara Boffa – another two faces of government corruption and abuse. And incidentally, or not, Katrine Bartolo is the eldest daughter of Evarist Bartolo, the Education Minister currently embroiled in a massive corruption scandal involving Edward Caruana, who has been his vote-canvasser since the 1990s, and whose brother is permanent secretary at the Education Ministry. Evarist Bartolo and Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando are extremely close and have been for several years.