With help from their friends in power: these are the Mriehel skyscrapers planned by the power-station Gasans and Fenechs

Published: January 19, 2017 at 10:48am

Din L-Art Helwa has just uploaded this photo-montage on social media. Please share it widely. People need to know how bad it is, how bad it’s going to be, how abusive the situation is.

Who can forget what a fuss and a scandal Muscat and his crooks kicked up in Opposition, when Joe Gasan, Mark Gasan and George Fenech invited the then Finance Minister, Tonio Fenech, for a trip on Fenech’s private plane to watch a football match in England? (He was wrong to go, and to make matters worse, Mark Gasan had actually invited the Prime Minister, Lawrence Gonzi, originally – but Gonzi had politely refused.)

Now Muscat and his crooks, in power, have given Joe Gasan, Mark Gasan and George Fenech’s heirs (he has since died) a corrupt contract for a power station, an even more corrupt contract to buy all the electricity they produce whether we need it or not and at a price favourable to them, and are planning on allowing them to build massive skyscrapers in Sliema and Mriehel.

And that is just the abuse and crookery we know about. Who knows what else there might be beneath the slimy surface.