Joseph Muscat’s ultra-corrupt government has just put up ‘honest broker’ billboards

Published: January 6, 2017 at 5:02pm

Is there a prize for the brassiest neck this side of Ilham Aliyev?

  • CarrieErbag

    This is known as taking the Mickey Bliss.

  • Jimmy Better

    If you’re going to put something on billboards, it may as well be bollocks.

  • Spa

    Literalment jibilawh f’sormom qeghdin.

  • Typically Labour

    The billboard does not say that he does it pro bono, and we all know that he will only trump up the honesty and neutral card until the highest bidder comes along.

    Looking back there must have been some very high bids over the past three years if this most transparent government in Malta’s history is yet to publish all of the more important ones.

    At least if they don’t know what the meaning of honesty and neutrality, they got their spelling right. Which is quite something by today’s standards.

  • observer

    “Acting for you”

    Sewwa qieghed jghid – ghaliex tejatrin u pantomimi wahdu. L-isbah hi li huwa ahna li nhallsu ghalihom.

  • Major Tom

    How much does each of these billboards cost? Who is paying? How many of these are they planning to put up? Will they always be as sarcastic?

  • Michael Dimech

    And stores it in one/several accounts, some of which are undeclared.

  • tinnat

    What trash you speak.