The Justice Minister tells us what his girlfriend Janice wants for 2017

Published: January 2, 2017 at 6:57pm

Can the Minister for Justice be more pathetic than he is, sharing his Super One girlfriend’s inane Facebook posts, to keep her happy so that he needn’t trouble himself with the more important things?

He and Janice Bartolo would have us believe that what she really, really wants for 2017 is “fewer words of hatred”. So that would be why she has spent her entire working life so far in the Labour Party’s venom-and-malice broadcast machine, then.

She’s fibbing, anyway. What Janice really, really wants for 2017 is a proposal of marriage, a trip to Diamonds International, and an identity card that says ‘Janice Bonnici or Janice Bonnici Bartolo – Status: Miżżewġa’. She should wait, though, because there’s a strong likelihood her passion will wear off once he is no longer a Very Important Person. And there is an even stronger likelihood that his passion will wear off before that anyway. Right now she’s coming across as far keener than he is, which is never a good idea. And he’s coming across as a ridiculous troll who’s too busy fooling around to get any work done.