Luciano Busuttil is lying when he says he never used his wife’s disabled-parking badge

Published: January 27, 2017 at 10:36pm

When the story broke this evening that the National Commission for the Disabled had immediately launched an inquiry after this report and this telephone conversation , Labour MP Luciano Busuttil, who is also – cynically, not ironically – chairman of the National Sports Council, released a statement saying that he never held a disabled-parking badge or used his wife’s.

That was not, however, the National Commission for the Disabled’s reason for asking the police to seize it, nor was it the main item in my reports on this website. It was something else entirely: that Mrs Busuttil herself is not entitled to use parking space reserved for the disabled because she does not have impaired mobility. In other words, because she can walk and also spends her entire day in very high heels.

But when he says that he never used his wife’s (abusively acquired) disabled-parking badge, he is lying. The photograph below shows Luciano Busuttil’s car – his car, not his wife’s – parking squarely in the disabled-parking bay outside Arkadia in Victoria. The photograph was taken at around noon on 30 December, and the senior school official who took it said that Luciano Busuttil was driving and that none of his passengers, who included his wife, were even remotely unable to walk – so much so that everyone was taken aback who saw them park there and walk out brazenly.