UPDATED/On di rekort: Mr Tuksforce he mash it up again ta

Published: January 11, 2017 at 4:21pm

Anglu Farrugia, the Speaker of the House, opening his speech of greeting to European Commission big cheeses this afternoon:


UPDATE/And if you zip through to the end, you’ll hear him snapping at the President of the European Commission: “STAND UP!”

“What?” Juncker says.

“STAND UP! We can’t see you.”

“That’s your problem,” Juncker says. A flunkey rushes over to whisper (loudly) in Juncker’s ear: “It’s the usual practice in Malta.”

“Oh,” Juncker says drily, “I want to be as visible as possible. We should introduce this in our own parliament.”

The Speaker of the House

  • Gorg

    Jaqaw kien tilef l-iljunfant?

  • Laws

    Anzi ma faqqalhomx ubiktjuwisssSS din id-darba..

  • Luke


  • Reuben D. Spiteri

    With skills like his I wouldn’t be surprised if he was in charge of spell-checking their billboards.

  • ex Laburist minn H’Attard

    Wiehed mil-misteri tal-hajja: kif jista jkun li nies bhal Anglu Farrugia, Anton Refalo u Luciano Busuttil jilhqu avukati?

    Imbasta hafna bullshit u ippuppar tas-sider bl-LL.D. Il-kors tqil ta’ minghajr pompa li ghamilt jien nini nini tasal sa l-ahhar jekk tkun kabocca bhal dawn.

    • Tukaws

      Explains why in Malta there are more lawyers than garbage collectors and street sweepers.

  • photog

    “It gives me great welcome”

    This is plain ignorance. They usually translate directly from Maltese. This time, I’m not sure. Minjaf dawk il-barranin kemm se jaghmlu wink, wink, nudge, nudge minn wara darnha dawn is-sitt xhur.

  • only fools & horses

    Meta ha tghid xi haga bis-sens? Xi dwejjaq ta’ ragel. Ostja.

  • rita schembri

    “It gives me great welcome and pleasure…”

    It gave me a nervous tic. Cringeworthy stuff indeed. Painful to listen, too. God help Malta considering this is only Day 1.

  • Pat1254

    I think he is reading what was written. Could it be document he is reading from was actually written incorrectly?

    • No.

    • Osservatore

      Definitely not. This man is a shifty moron and all he was asked to do was to read the paper he had in front of him. He could not even do that properly.

  • Patrick Sciberras

    Perhaps he meant he’s going to pleasure them all.

  • A Camilleri

    So much pleasure, Mr Speaker. You’re welcome to pleasure me softly.

  • Xkamun

    mhux ta b’xejn johduna bin-nejk lilna insomma, b’caflangu bhal dan.

  • rita schembri

    “Stand up!”

    One would never have guessed he was once a police officer.

    What if Jean-Claude Juncker wouldn’t stand? Rubber hose and wet phone book treatment?

  • Renza

    And he was just reading a script. Cringeworthy.

  • L.Gatt

    Lanqas “please” ma tghallem? “Stand up stand up…. you must stand up”. Qisu l-headmaster. How rude.

    • Grawting

      Ghal naqra ma bezaqiex: “Haqq ghal Mado**a stand up ghidtlek.”

  • L.Gatt

    “Our members of Parliaments” – as though one Parliament of nincompoopos is not enough.

  • L.Gatt

    “Pressey-dancey” – that’s priceless.

  • Carmel Said

    Will somebody PLEASE superglue, sew, then re-superglue his lips together?

  • Evarist Saliba

    One is tempted to say “incredible”, but here we and the bigwigs of the European Union have tangible evidence that this Speaker, holding a doctorate in law and reading from a prepared text, does not know how to express himself in good English, one of the official languages of Malta.

  • Minnie

    X’hamallagani infinita! Tal-misthija.

  • Wheels Within Wheels

    And they are probably thinking, “Look how great we are. They are going to apply new standards in the European Parliament thanks to us.”

  • watchful eye

    What a shambles of a Speaker. A ten-year-old student would have fared much better. He resembled Inspector Garcia of the Zorro episodes when positioning himself to start his read out. One of the best was in my opinion – iniziatives (01:09) – amongst others.