Muscat’s serial bromances are exhausting

Published: January 8, 2017 at 6:50pm

Matteo Renzi? Tick. David Cameron? Tick. Martin Schulz? Tick. Jean Claude Juncker? Tick. François Hollande? Joseph tried, but Hollande failed to tick.

  • Major Tom

    Ilhem Aliyev TICK TICK TICK

  • tinnat

    Federica Mogherini? 10 ticks. Frau Merkel? Minus 10 ticks.

  • I mean the bromance failed. There isn’t a single photograph of Hollande looking like anything other than a cold fish with the adoring Muscat.

    • Tabatha_White

      The clinch is as close as it gets.

  • Gosh, thanks – I’d missed these.