Official ‘Making Malta Great’ video celebrates Nationalist government policy achievements

Published: January 9, 2017 at 12:53pm

What messages is this official Making Malta Great video communicating?

1. Nationalist government policy was the best thing to happen to Malta, ever.

2. All this is the result of Malta joining the European Union despite Joseph Muscat’s relentless five-year campaign to persuade us how bad EU membership will be for Malta. Now he is prime minister. “OMG how did that happen.”

3. In the last four years, Muscat’s government has done nothing to make Malta great so we are going to have to fill up this video with Nationalist government projects, including The Evil Austin’s Bridge to Nowhere.

4. “Madonna, Madonna, no! We forgot to include Piano’s Parliament House!” “Tibżgħax. Issa jirranġa Anglu Farrugia bil-cufflinks.”

5. “Remind me – why did we vote Labour? I’ve forgotten.”