Official ‘Making Malta Great’ video celebrates Nationalist government policy achievements

Published: January 9, 2017 at 12:53pm

What messages is this official Making Malta Great video communicating?

1. Nationalist government policy was the best thing to happen to Malta, ever.

2. All this is the result of Malta joining the European Union despite Joseph Muscat’s relentless five-year campaign to persuade us how bad EU membership will be for Malta. Now he is prime minister. “OMG how did that happen.”

3. In the last four years, Muscat’s government has done nothing to make Malta great so we are going to have to fill up this video with Nationalist government projects, including The Evil Austin’s Bridge to Nowhere.

4. “Madonna, Madonna, no! We forgot to include Piano’s Parliament House!” “Tibżgħax. Issa jirranġa Anglu Farrugia bil-cufflinks.”

5. “Remind me – why did we vote Labour? I’ve forgotten.”

  • Leli

    This video mentions €73 million in EU funds and we all know that Malta received much more and will receive much more in the next few years. We all remember being told it would be “miljun u nofs fis-sena”.

    But the biggest advanatage of all is beyond EU funds, it is being part of the EU.

  • La Redoute

    Who is this aimed at? As a taxpayer in the EU who lives outside Malta, I’d want to know why I should be thrilled about Malta getting my money.

  • Michelle Pirotta

    And what about the blatant copying of Trump’s slogan?

    • Richelieu

      So that when the Nationalist Party ousts the current government off its toilet seat, we can rename the video clip Making Malta Great AGAIN.

  • Makjavel

    Joseph Muscat’s goons and switchers have forgotten how they made fun of that bridge “to nowhere”.

    This video makes it so much more stRkly obvious that this government, with all its Costed and Doable bullshit, does not have one single project to show off.

  • akweXxI

    A chunk of the coast road EU funds was lost because this government’s tendering process was irregular.

  • The mittelkless relates to US English not British English.

  • Makjavel

    Ghax cartoons Amerikani jaraw, mhux xi programm tal-BBC, ghax mohhom s’hemm iwassal.

  • C. Colins

    How is Arms Ltd subsidising or sponsoring this video when it is only paid out of the bills which taxpayers pay for water and electricity?

  • Claude Sciberras

    I think you are simplifying it too much. The truth is that the Nationalist Party had been there for a very long time. It was all many people had to compare with.

    There was also the last 5 years which were very tough financially for most of us and the people had had enough of certain attitudes.

    The Nationalists promised very little in terms of dreams and aspirations and had got caught up in managing the economy rather than bringing about change that mattered to people.

    The Labour Party was able to home in on the things that were bothering people and offered them something they wanted, like cheaper electricity, same-sex marriage etc.

    I think that unless we recognise that these things are what drive choices at elections we will not be able to analyse the situation properly.

    So it’s not insanity at all. Will the people vote Labour again? They might. Some people are very happy with the current situation.

    Others will not switch back to voting Nationalist because they think not much has changed. Others think Simon Busuttil is not strong enough – personally, I prefer his way of doing things than that of Muscat, but many disagree.

    So thinking that the tide is going to turn automatically is unrealistic. If the Nationalist Party is not going to offer an alternative, if it is not going to make us dream, we will end up with another 5 years of Labour.

  • Incognito

    Urina l-kwalifiki Cardona.

  • Godfrey Leone Ganado

    Unless the elections are rigged with 40,000 phantom votes with the collusion of Identity Malta chaired by a crony, and the payback party funding by Henley & Partners.

  • La Redoute

    One of the symptoms of delusions of grandeur is a lack of insight.

  • And above all that, freedom – including the freedom to escape from here.

    • Tabatha_White

      Although that’s relative, unfortunately. With data flow, central bank and police in their control they have quasi-invisible ways of reaching people anywhere.

  • RF

    Do they expect to impress anyone, from any civilised country, with the Coast Road in the video? Wasn’t this road, the only one completed by Joseph Muscat, fraught with corruption claims, overspending and bad workmanship?

    • And beyond that, there’s the obvious: it’s just a bloody road.

    • Le pauvre homme

      And completed well past deadline.

    • Mac Taylor

      That road was planned and designed by professionals during the 2008-2013 Gonzi administration and mohxija by inept amateurs during the project’s execution by this Labour (mal)administration’s inept, if not corrupt too, persons of trust

  • rita schembri

    At first glance it actually looks as though it was made by the Nationalist Party.

    • orapronobis

      Indeed, what else has the Labour government to boast of, except what the Nationalist government started? All they have done in four years is strike corrupt deals and institutionalise the siphoning of public funds into money-laundering havens.

  • Andre’ Vella

    6. Il-Coast Road Gian!

  • Kevin Zammit

    Cash, cash and more cash. Is that all that we think about? The EU is far more than cash. I would be happy to pay to be in the EU.