The Prime Minister’s aide, the mayor of a fishing village, and the cabinet minister’s son

Published: January 9, 2017 at 9:40pm

Three grossly obese Laburisti and Muscat cronies packed into a car for a Labour Party television show: Glenn Bedingfield, Ignatius k/a Natius Farrugia and Luke Dalli.

Ir-rulink kless, ħi. Tagħna Lkoll, ras. Ikollok bżonn xi weksink taf għand min tmur ta. Għax majteżwel tmur għand Laburist ieħor.

  • Anthony T Mamo

    Once again, no seat belts.

  • Leon Scerri

    The Gang of Three: Plato, Socrates and Aristotle. Wisdom dribbles from their mouth.

    • tinnat

      Indeed. Just like the Three Little Pigs.

  • MNMS

    It’s illegal to drive a vehicle which carries a higher load than it is designed for. The gross vehicle weight or GVW on the log book should be respected. Please call the cops and save our roads.

  • Godfrey Leone Ganado

    The fake elite ruling class.

  • Ramon Garcia

    Does Natius wax his face too or is he an eunuch?

    • He waxes his face. I once had to sit near him in court when I was accompanied by a friend, and we both examined his cheeks and chin closely because the texture was so peculiar for a man. We both agreed afterwards, over coffee, that he waxes his face rather than shaves it.

      • Ramon Garcia

        I thought he looks very weird.

  • Dedender

    That’s easily 500kg (half a tonne) on the rear seat. I can’t imagine what that does to the suspension of an average car which weighs around 1000kg.

  • C Falzon

    I guess the seat belts just aren’t long enough.