Stuck for a Valentine’s night date? Never mind – you can speed-date with finger food at the Esplora Planetarium

Published: January 30, 2017 at 2:53pm

Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, corrupt appointee to the executive chairmanship of the Malta Council for Science and Technology, has hit on a novel way for the EU-funded planetarium to mark the 14th day of February: speed-dating, finger food, ‘workshops’ (on what?), live music, board games and planetarium shows.

Because, of course, people the world over instantly associate the word ‘planetarium’ with ‘speed-dating’ – and every desperately single person wants to spend Valentine’s night advertising his or her lack of a date for the evening by trundling along to the planetarium for a spot of speed-dating and finger food with a bunch of other hungry wallflowers.

But scratch that – the real reason it’s wrong is because this is the science museum and planetarium, and not a club or restaurant. Something tell me that he found this idea at the bottom of a bottle of Earl Grey.